Basics of ITIL Foundation Training and Courses

Basics of ITIL Foundation Training and Courses

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Basics of ITIL Foundation Training and Courses


It is important to notice that with the changing world of technology, every industry is changing. The perspective of managing and monitoring challenges has changed. Irrespective of the size of industries, different practices are implemented in order to solve issues. 

These changes have influenced each and every known sector of business or trade, but when it comes to the IT sector, the influence of these changes has managed to increase the demand for frameworks that can be utilized to face these changes.

Well, the IT sector is one of the most important sectors of any organization as the IT sector has the responsibility of managing the delivery of final products and services to customers. If a problem related to any service or product arises, then it is the IT sector which will provide assistance related to any issue.

In the past few years, the demand for frameworks related IT Service Management field had grown drastically. So to manage the IT Service Management, there are many frameworks available in the market which will provide the best set of practices that can be implemented to resolve issues related to IT Service Management. 

There are many frameworks like DevOps, Cobit, ITIL, and so on are utilized by many organizations across the globe. 

Now the ITIL framework is claimed to be the best framework at the enterprise level. Almost all leading organizations use the ITIL framework to manage and monitor their projects and deliver their services to satisfy their customers.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of ITIL framework's foundation training and course in detail.

The Basics Regarding ITIL

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) can be described as a set of practices that concentrated on aligning the IT Services with the business requirements. The series of practices recommended in the ITIL framework can followed to detect, design, and deliver IT services in accordance with the business objectives of an organization. 

But before utilizing any framework or process, one should thoroughly understand the framework. Without the knowledge and understanding of any framework, it will be difficult to implement the practice of the framework in real-time.

So for the basic understanding of the ITIL framework, the ITIL has introduced an entry-level course, which is the ITIL Foundation Certification Course. 

One may get confused about the certification, but certification is nothing but a piece of living evidence to prove that an individual has acquired the basic knowledge of a framework.

The ITIL Certification is globally recognized as it is recognized by the ISO standards. This has widened the scope of ITIL Certification globally. Now organizations are striving to hire ITIL certified professionals to handle their IT sector.

Scope of ITIL Certification

The IT sector is being dominated by non-certified professionals who may have all the required skills to cope with the challenges of the IT sector, but they may not possess the abilities and knowledge to pave their way beyond the IT sector. 

Now the competition amongst different organizations is so high that missing any tiny exposure may harm an organization's workflow and service delivery in the matter of work speed. To solve this problem, many global organizations and MNCs have adopted the ITIL framework. The ITIL framework provides these companies with practices that will not only increase the work speed, but it will also manage to stabilize the workflow without creating any workload.

Now adoption of a framework is not enough, but with the adoption of a framework, a company needs professionals who understand the framework; only then will it be possible for a company to use the framework. 

Now here, the ITIL certification plays a key role. An individual who possesses an ITIL Certification will be appreciated in these situations. And as the ITIL certification is globally recognized, so the ITIL certified professionals have higher chances of getting job opportunities in huge organizations.

Advantages of ITIL

The ITIL framework is a set of best practices that can be used by an organization to provide satisfactory services to its customers within time.

This ITIL practices also help to reduce the cost that may be expended for the production of any service, and these practices also help to manage time that may take in delivering any IT service or product. This results in overgrowth in the Total Cost Of Ownership. 

The ITIL practices are flexible enough in matters of providing services through Third-party, which helps to increase staff retention.

Now the most important beneficial point is actually about ITIL certified professionals. If a company hires ITIL certified professionals, then there is no need to spend capital on ITIL training.

How are the professionals benefitted by ITIL certification?

Global RecognitionITIL Certification is a globally recognized certification that comes under ISO standards. Being globally recognized, this certification is appreciated by every organization. An ITIL certified professional has more chances to get hired by leading organizations than those who don't have any certification. 

This certification is placed at 7th rank among all other IT certifications. This certification showcases an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the ITIL framework, which extremely necessary to work under the disciplines of the ITIL framework. This certification increases an individual's value in the IT service market.

  • Better Pay

Being rank 7 in the list of top most IT certification, this certification helps in increasing the salary of an individual. It is reported that, on an average, an ITIL certified professional earns about $120,589 per annum. And in comparison to non-certified professionals, the ITIL certified professionals earn 40% more.

  • Better Job Opportunities

Well, having the ITIL Certification shows that an individual has all the abilities and high skills to manage and monitor, IT Service Department of a company while designing plans to align the IT service with the business goals. These abilities are highly appreciated because such professionals can work in both sectors easily. 

These qualities are the best reasons that land an individual to get better jobs in any industry.

  • Great skills

The ITIL certified professionals are trained to work with the flow. They have the skills to detect risk and resolve them, and they possess great decision-making power, they can design and plan operations while ensuring the reduced expenditure of time and money. These are some of the major skills of ITIL certified professionals. These skills are quintessential for every company, and these skills make the ITIL certified professionals worthy enough for companies across different industries.

  • Deep knowledge

While commencing any work according to the ITIL framework, it is important to have the basic fundamental knowledge of the ITIL framework. These professionals have deep knowledge of the ITIL framework and practices that increases their chance to get hired a company using the ITIL framework.

  • Knowledge of the common language

They know the common language that helps them to understand and negotiate between the business and IT departments. 

As their basic purpose is to meet the demands of customers by aligning the technology with business goals, it serves the purpose completely.

Understanding the tiers of ITIL Certification

It is a universal fact that a person's knowledge and skills develop more by experience. In the IT field, there are a vast number of certifications available for dedicated to particular domains. 

Some of these certifications are flexible, and some tend to be highly dedicated to only one domain. When it comes to ITIL Certification then, it is claimed to the most versatile, flexible, and unique certification. 

The ITIL Certification equips an individual with abilities to work with diverse and different domains at a time. It not only educates an individual about the IT world but also provides with the required knowledge of the business field.

When it comes to eligibility criteria, then the ITIL certification is categorized into different tiers or levels. These tiers are:

  • Tier-1- ITIL Foundation Certification

The ITIL Foundation Certification is an entry-level ITIL certification, which is meant for those professionals who want to gain the fundamental knowledge and skills of the ITIL framework. This certification is often chosen by individuals who want to begin their career in the IT field, where all sorts of work are done according to the ITIL framework.

After achieving this certification and gaining some experience, these professionals can opt for achieving ITIL Intermediate Certification.

  • Tier-2- ITIL Intermediate Certification

The ITIL Intermediate Certification is done by those individuals who have achieved and worked with their ITIL Foundation Certification. Well, it is not at all compulsory to do ITIL Foundation Certification to achieve the ITIL Intermediate Certification, one with experience in the ITSM domain can directly apply for ITIL Intermediate Certification. 

In this tier, an individual is taught about IT Service Management and Leadership.

The ITIL Intermediate Certification empowers an individual with a broader knowledge of ITIL principles while providing the best decision-making skills.

  • Tier-3- ITIL Master Certification

The ITIL Master certification is meant for those who have at least five years of experience in the IT Services Management field, with an ITIL Intermediate Certification. These professionals learn all the protocols, principles, and policies of the ITIL framework. This certification proves an individual's deep knowledge and high skill set to work in an organization that uses the ITIL Framework readily.


The IT world is ever-changing and full of competitors. In order to beat the competition having a well-recognized certification can help an individual in many ways. Once achieved, then it will open the gateway of opportunities for an individual, and there will be no point in going back. With strong determination and passion for learning, one can easily get the ITIL certification and enjoy a fruitful outcome throughout life.

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