Where to Use and Where to Avoid Salt Lamp at Home for Long Durability

Where to Use and Where to Avoid Salt Lamp at Home for Long Durability

A Story by Alex Stephen

Believe it or not, salt lamps can amplify any space that they are put in. whether you put them in the kitchen in the bedroom, or even in the bathroom, they can make your space worth everything.


Believe it or not, salt lamps can amplify any space that they are put in. whether you put them in the kitchen in the bedroom, or even in the bathroom, they can make your space worth everything. However, if you want your salt lamp to last longer and retain its durability, you must take the right steps to ensure that you place the salt lamp in a favorable vicinity. Do not worry. We are here to guide you in detail about salt lamps and their placement. If you want to find out more about the beautiful salt lamps, keep reading!

Where to use Salt Lamps

You must be wondering what the right places are to keep your salt lamp in. this can be a tricky situation if you have a small home and do not know usually sit inside certain places of the home often. But let us give you a thorough guide about salt lamp placements.

�-�        Bedroom side table for better sleep at night

Salt lamps are like the ultimate aid that can help you sleep better at night. Even though they do not bring miraculous changes to your sleeping patterns, you might see visible differences over the period of time.

Crystal lamps improve your sleep because they release negative ions. These negative ions counter the effects of the excessive positive ions present in your surroundings. The ionization process is a way to improve the peace of your mind as it increases the serotonin level in your brain. In turn, this brings you feelings like peace and calm, which help you sleep better at night. And guess what? All of this is more likely when it is placed near your bed. Isn’t it amazing?


�-�        Study room for good concentration and focus while reading

Your study room is one abode where you spend time the most. Yes, it can be exhausting. But it does not have to be especially when you keep a salt lamp near you to provide you the ultimate solace. Crystal lamps and their ionization process, as well as the light therapy that one attains through them is super useful. People do not give salt lamps enough credit but, hey, we do!

The light therapy ensures a relaxing environment. And trust us, for one to ensure an optimum study time, you must have the privilege of a relaxed mind and comfortable environment. Don’t you agree? We are sure you do!


�-�        Salt Lamp candle holder for outdoor night function

Aren’t outdoor night functions the best way to have a romantic, cozy night with your loved ones? We believe there is nothing as sweet as an outdoor night function with a salt lamp candle holder. They not only add an oomph to your space but also brighten it up with warm orangish gold hues of the beautiful crystal lamps.

These lamps have the ability to improve your surroundings by challenging the virus, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants present in the atmosphere. This enables you to protect yourselves and your loved ones from harmful pollutants that could cause your health to diminish over time.


Where to avoid Salt Lamps

�-�        Kitchen [A fool idea]

For all the men and women who love to cook and spend a great part of their day making something special for their loved ones, salt lamp in kitchen causes sweating. Kitchen is an area of high moisture as a result of cooking, so this provides unfavorable environment for the durability of salt lamps. You might be fool if you are thinking to keep one near the kitchen window, along with some other plants. Trust us, this will result in more sweating on the crystal lamp due to interior as well as exterior moisture in a humid climate.


�-�        Bathroom [Never think about using in the most humid area of your house]

Keeping one in the bathroom is also a worse decision. Remember, there is nothing quite like keeping a few plants, or some aroma and your favorite skincare products on the shelves of the bathroom. So, why using salt lamp in bathroom? You might be thinking to have a romantic atmosphere to use salt candleholders around the bathtub to enjoy spa like feel. Believe us or not, this is a stupid idea because you are going to damage the functionality of salt in such moisture-filled area. You may simply use burning candles within candles jars that would make you enjoy your bath time like never before. And all this in the most calming way possible.


�-�        Adjacent to the window in a humid climate

Likewise, keeping one adjacent to the windows in some of the most humid climate is also a fool idea. Salt lamps quickly lose their life when placing at such humid areas.


Final Thought!          

When all is said and done, so, we can say that appropriate moisture-free areas give your salt lamp real life to remain functional for long. These lamps not only cause mental ease but also makes your mood happy. If you feel fit mentally, everything else becomes better. Don’t you think so? Hurry up! and get your hands on one and enjoy your heart out!

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Or, you could sprinkle some salt on the table...better yet, on your food. The claims made in this spam are just that, claims. Buy a salt lamp for pretty, if you like. But there is zero evidence that it does anything but cover the light bulb,

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