Jupiter Dallas

Jupiter Dallas

A Stage Play by Lexi Melton

Eight year old Charlie uses his super hero imagination to deal with things from his day to day life. But can he defeat his arch nemesis Octobrains?



Jupiter Dallas


Aphrodite Houston


Mercury Austin


Juno Sol San Antonio



Mr. Preston

Mr. P

Burger Monster

The Vulcan


Ms. Amarillo


The Dixie

Principal-Ms. Dixon

Booger Boy


Extras: About 10 other people to play any extras. (Kids and other people in the superhero world.) (Some parts can also be doubled.)

Cast of 20-30

Scene One:

Play starts with maniacal laughter and a scream from a girl.

Lights up to Juno Sol San Antonio, a damsel in distress in a pencil skirt and button up blouse tied to a doomsday device struggling to get away. Mr. P, a super villain with a grandiose cloak and spikes is behind her continuing to laugh maniacally.

Mr. P: Mwhahaha!! There’s no getting away from my doomsday device!!

Juno: Let me go! Let me go!! And-wait a second-what does your doomsday device do again?

Mr. P: What does it do you ask? Why-when the clock strikes 3:30, it will give all kids in the world extra homework FOR ETERNITY!!

Juno: No! You wouldn’t!

Mr. P: I just told you I would.

Juno: That’s absolutely ghastly!!

Mr. P: That’s why I’m the villain. MWHAHAHA!

Juno: But then what’s going to happen to me?

Mr. P: You my dear… Will be turned into… a teacher!!

Juno: screams in horror


In a flourish and maybe a somersault or cartwheel, Jupiter Dallas enters with a burst of heroic music, gives a wink to the audience, and strikes a fighting pose. He is in full superhero getup

Jupiter: Not so fast Mr. P!!

Mr. P: Jupiter Dallas!!

Juno: I knew you would come!!

Jupiter: Of course! I can’t just watch Scooby Doo when there’s a damsel in distress strapped to a doomsday device!

Mr. P: What’s a damsel again?

Juno and Jupiter shrug.

Mr. P: Well you’re too late!! Your little friend here… uh… your friend… What’s your name again?

Juno: Juno Sol San Antonio

Mr. P: Boy that’s a mouthful. Anyways-

Jupiter: Well I’m here to stop you!!

A fight scene ensues as Jupiter Dallas and Mr. P go at it. Lights go crazy and the music swells as there are punches and kicks and magic power ups used. Mr. P gets in a good punch at Jupiter. The Doomsday device starts to beep.

Mr. P: It’s too late!! The Doomsday device has already started! Once it blows up, all kids will have extra homework FOREVER!! And your little friend will be… A TEACHER!!

Jupiter: No!! Not if I can help it!!

The fight continues. At the end of the fight scene, Jupiter Dallas knocks Mr. P out cold in slow motion. Jupiter unties Juno as the device continues to beep.

Jupiter: Are you alright m’lady?

Juno: Yes, but how are we going to stop this device?

Jupiter: With my fist!!

He punches it and it winds down and turns off.

Juno: My hero!!

Jupiter: Jupiter Dallas has saved the day again!

He takes Juno into his arms and dips her. After a short pause…

Juno: So are you going to kiss me now?

Jupiter: WHAT? He drops her. That’s gross. Everyone knows that girls have cooties.

Juno: No we don’t! Besides-the superhero is always supposed to kiss the damsel in distress! It’s in the movies.

Jupiter: I don’t care. Why do you always have to ruin things Aubrey?

The lights change, many colors, like a dream sequence, and Jupiter and Juno are now replaced with Charlie and Aubrey.  

Aubrey: Well I thought you said you were a superhero.

Charlie: I am!!

Aubrey: And you won’t even kiss the damsel in distress?

Charlie: Not all superheroes have to kiss girls. Sticks his tongue out at her.

Aubrey: Then where are you powers? Sticks her tongue out at him.

Charlie: You don’t need powers to be a superhero. That’s what my dad says.

Aubrey: Yes you do!

Charlie: Batman doesn’t have powers!

Aubrey: Really?

Charlie: Really. And Black Widow doesn’t have powers, and Hawkeye, and Green Arrow, and-

Aubrey: Ok ok ok I get it.

Charlie stands there triumphantly.

Aubrey: Do I have to be a damsel in distress all the time? I want to be a superhero too. You and Miles get to be superheroes. I want to too!

Charlie: Ok.

Aubrey: Wait. Really?

Charlie: Yeah. There’s super awesome girl superheroes-like Aphrodite Houston.

Aubrey: Who’s that?

Charlie: Just the most awesome superhero ever. Even better than Jupiter Dallas. She would be able to defeat Mr. P lickety split.

Aubrey: (In awe) Wow…

Charlie: (Making his own punches and moves in the air.) She can kick and punch super super fast and headbutt and freeze things and light things on fire and-

At this moment, Charlie stops and clutches his stomach in pain, the spur of the moment gone. He sinks slowly to the floor.

Aubrey: Are you alright? You’re not going to throw up again are you?

Charlie: No. Jupiter Dallas-his-his arch nemesis just found out what his weakness is and-

Mom: (From offstage) Aubrey! Your mom’s here!

Aubrey: Oh! I got to go-I’ll see you at school tomorrow Charlie! Hope you feel better!

Charlie is left alone on the stage, breathing a little heavily. The lights change, and we suddenly see an eerie figure standing behind him, barely illuminated by light. This is Jupiter and Charlie’s arch nemesis-Octobrains. He gives a creepy raspy laugh, the lights going to green and purples. Charlie does not look behind him, but looks absolutely terrified.

Octobrains: Soon Charlie… soon I shall win… Soon you shall DIE!!

Charlie: No… I’m not...scared of you…. (Charlie takes a deep breath and stands up.) And the name’s not Charlie...

The lights change slightly again, and the silhouette of Octobrains is replaced with Jupiter Dallas. The two of them do the same pose, representing them as the same person.

Charlie and Jupiter: It’s Jupiter Dallas!!

Music swells and lights fade to black.

Scene Two:

Lights up to an empty school playground. A bell rings.

Kids: (Offstage.) RECESS!!

All of the kids run on at once and assume standard playground activities-playing hopscotch, jump rope, jungle gym, etcetera.

Voice Over: It’s a quiet day on the playground. The children play-unawares, that everything will soon go horribly wrong… But fortunately for them, they have three heroes willing to sacrifice everything to save the day…

Jupiter: (With a roll and a kick, coming down stage.) Jupiter Dallas!!

Mercury: (Jumping off of set pieces and doing his own cool moves) Mercury Austin!!

Juno: (Prancing on and striking a very girly pose.) Juno Sol San Antonio.

Jupiter and Mercury break character for a moment to look at her.

Mercury: Aubrey. If you’re going to be a superhero, you have to have a superhero entrance.

Juno: Oops. Sorry. Can I try that again?

Mercury and Jupiter: Yes.

Juno runs off stage and then runs back on with the flourish of trying too hard.

Juno: (Slightly out of breath from all the overkill kicks, punches and rolls.) JUNO-SOL-SAN-ANTONIO!! Was-that-good?

Mercury and Jupiter look at each other.

Mercury and Jupiter: Yeah. That was good. Perfect. Nailed it. Etc…

Voice Over: Three awesome super cool heroes…but will they be able to last against...The Booger Boy and his minions?!?!

Booger Boy pops out of nowhere in his booger green glory, his hair crazy and green, a variety of weapons on a belt draped across his shoulder. All the kids around him scream and take cover as he takes out his booger gun and shoots it into the air. 2 to 5 Booger Boy minions come out as well, grabbing kids and preventing escape.   

Booger Boy: MWHAHAHA!! Give me all your lunch money!!

Jupiter: Not so fast Booger Boy!!

Mercury: The triple super squad is here to stop you!!

Juno: Yeah! Take my flower power!! (She throws flowers at him, which does nothing.)

Booger Boy: Flowers! Ha! As if that could stop me!!

Mercury: Not helping Aubrey.

Juno: Sorry.

Jupiter: Don’t worry. You’ll get the hang of it. You don’t become an Aphrodite Houston overnight.

Mercury: Yeah. She’s awesome.

Booger Boy: Enough chit chat! Are you going to save the playground kids or what??

Booger Boy Minions: Yeah!!

Jupiter: You bet!!

An epic fight scene ensues, the lights go crazy, Juno seems to be caught in the middle, unsure of what to do. She is simply cowering with the rest of the kids as Mercury and Jupiter fight Booger Boy and the minions by themselves.

Mercury: Juno!! We need your help!

Juno: Um...I...Um...

Booger Boy: Have a taste of my snot pie!!

Booger Boy takes out a green pie and goes to pie Jupiter in the face in slow motion. Jupiter ducks out of the way just in time to get Juno instead. Everyone freezes.

Juno: Ewwwww!! You got it in my hair!!

They’ve done it now. In her fury, Juno leaps onto Booger Boy and starts pummeling him. Everyone else, including the minions, gets in a circle and cheers.

Everyone: OOOOOH!! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!!

The circle surrounds them, and Juno and Booger Boy are lost in the crowd. The lights change, and we hear an odd woman cackling offstage.

Kid 1: Oh no!! It’s the Dixie!!

Ms. Dixon: What’s going on here??

She makes her way through the kids to see that Aubrey is beating the snot out of a nerdy little boy named Fletcher. Fletcher is doing his best to fight back. We also see that Mercury and Jupiter have also been replaced with Miles and Charlie. She breaks up the fight.

Ms. Dixon: Fighting?! Not in my school!! Come to my office now!

Fletcher: She started it!

Aubrey: You put snot in my hair!!

Fletcher: You should try it sometime. It’s really tasty.

Aubrey jumps on him again, only to be broken up by Ms. Dixon again.

Kid 2: Oooooh...Aubrey and Fletcher are going to the principal’s office…

All: Ooooooooooooooh

Ms. Dixon: Continue playing children. Pay no mind to us. (She starts dragging the two of them offstage as they are still trying to go at it.)

Charlie: But Ms. Dixon-

Ms. Dixon: Oh-and Charlie-can you please tell your teacher Mr. Preston where Aubrey and Fletcher have gone? Thank you.

Ms. Dixon, Aubrey, and Fletcher all exit.

Charlie makes his way back to the group of kids, who have been talking in hushed whispers.

Charlie: So the Dixie has kidnapped Juno Sol San Antonio and Booger Boy. It seems she may also be in league with Mr. P. We may all have to work together-bad guys and good guys to go rescue them.

Kid 3: Bad guys and good guys working together?

Kid 4: But that’s crazy!

Miles: But it may be the only way. Now who’s in?

One by one, they all put their hands in the middle and then raise them up in a cheer. Everything freezes as the lights change to something more sinister. We hear the voice over again, but we soon realize that the voice over was actually Octobrains, as we see him silhouetted upstage, towering over the children.

Octobrains/Voice Over: And the adventures continue...But for how long? Every superhero has it’s end… And little do these children know that I will one day soon conquer the hero they so love and cherish. MWHAHAHAHAHA!!

Lights fade to black as Octobrains continues to laugh.

Scene Three:

Lights up to a dinner table. Mom, Dad, Madelyn, and Charlie. They are eating Hamburgers. Madelyn, the older sister, is on her phone texting or looking at the internet. Charlie is playing with his burger like it is some sort of monster. The parents, for some reason look extremely down. The kids do not notice this. On the other side of the stage, we see Jupiter Dallas sneaking around, on the lookout. Charlie very subtly imitates his movements.

Jupiter and Charlie: Aphrodite Houston! Looks like the coast is clear!

Enter Aphrodite, who is on a cell phone and acting uninterested.

Charlie: Madelyn. That’s you. You need to help me find the monster.

Madelyn: Hmm.

Jupiter: So… That device you have...will help us find the monster-yes?

Aphrodite: Hmm.

Jupiter: Right. Well, we know this monster won’t stand a chance with the both of us!

Aphrodite: Hmm.

Jupiter: Oh my!! What’s that!!

Enter the burger monster-an extremely fat villain with things dropping off of him.

Burger Monster: You’ve discovered my secret lair!! How?!

Jupiter: From Aphrodite Houston’s super awesome device!!

Aphrodite: Hmmm.

Burger Monster: You may have found my lair, but will you be able to handle my pickles?!

The Burger Monster proceeds to throw green frisbee pickles which Jupiter Dallas epically avoids. Aphrodite Houston simply steps out of the way lazily without even looking. Then one of the pickles trips him up and he falls to the ground. The Burger Monster gets on top of him and wraps an arm around his neck.

Jupiter: Aphro-dite-I could-really use-your help-.

Aphrodite: Hmmm.

Jupiter: Aphrodite….

The lights go down on Jupiter Dallas and focuses more on the family eating dinner. Charlie suddenly drops his burger on the plate and puts his hands to his mouth like he’s going to throw up. He quickly runs off stage.

Madelyn: I swear-he’s always throwing up or saying he doesn’t feel good. Did the doctor ever figure out what was wrong with him?

A beat pauses and the mom and dad shift in their seats.

Dad: Madelyn, we need to tell you something.

Mom: The results from Charlie’s tests came back positive.

Madelyn: Wait. You’re not saying-

Mom: They said he can start chemo next week.

Madelyn: Have you told him this yet?

Mom: No…

Dad: But I think he already knows. He’s a smart kid.

Enter Charlie

Mom: How are you feeling honey?

Charlie: Better. Kind of. The Burger Monster might have won the battle, but he won’t win the war!

Dad: That’s the spirit!

Mom: I’m going to go ahead and wash the dishes.

Dad: I’ll help.

Exit mom and dad. Charlie scoots up next to his older sister, who is still trying to come to terms with the fact that her little brother has cancer.

Charlie: Why don’t you play with me anymore?

Madelyn: What are you talking about? I play with you.

Charlie: I want to play Jupiter Dallas and Aphrodite Houston.

Madelyn: I can’t right now.

Charlie: Why not?

Madelyn: I’m tired. Long day at school. Maybe another time.

Charlie: You always say that.

Madelyn: Well, when you get older you get really busy.

Charlie: But Jupiter Dallas can’t defeat Octobrains without you.

Madelyn: Octobrains? Who’s he? I don’t remember him.

Charlie: He’s the arch nemesis. He figured out Jupiter Dallas’s weakness.

There is an awkward silence for a beat.

Charlie: I overheard Mom and Dad talking this morning. I know.

Madelyn: I figured. Are you ok?

Charlie: I’d be better if Aphrodite Houston would actually help me.

He runs off leaving Madelyn by herself at the table. She puts her head in her hands as the lights fade to black.

Scene Four:

Lights up to another day in the superhero world. We see for the first time “The Dixie”; a hideous creature with long fingernails and dreadlocks and a long flowing ratted dress. She is a sorceress that has crawled out of the depths of Hell. Mr. P is also there-acting as her minion. Booger Boy and Juno are tied up in a cauldron.

Dixie: Time for an afternoon snack! You both shall be perfect for my stew.

Juno: You’re going to EAT us?!

Booger: Yeah, I’m pretty sure I don’t taste so good.

Juno: I thought you said snot was tasty.

Booger: Don’t tell HER that!

Dixie: Mr. P! Bring me the ingredients…

Mr. P: Yes your ladyship!! He runs off and runs back on carrying with him a basket of different things.

Dixie: Let’s see here-two boxes of number two pencils…

Mr. P throws two boxes of pencils in the cauldron.

Dixie: One eraser…

Mr. P throws in an eraser.

Dixie: Last week’s homework…

Mr. P dumps in a lot of papers.

Dixie: Aaaaand…

Suddenly, Jupiter Dallas, Mercury Austin,and the Booger Boy minions come out in a flourish.

Jupiter: Not so fast!

Juno: Jupiter Dallas!!

Booger Boy: Jupiter Dallas!

Mr. P: Jupiter Dallas?!


Slight awkward silence. The Dixie clears her throat as she gains back her composure and then looks over at the band calmly.

Dixie: How did you find my secret lair?

Mercury: It’s written right by the door.

Dixie: Ah. Mr. P, remind me later to get that fixed.

Mr. P: Yes Ma’am.

Booger Boy Minion 1: Give us back our boss!

Mercury: And Juno San-Sol Anton-I mean-

Juno: Juno Sol San Antonio.

Mercury: What she said.

Dixie: You are welcome to try and save them my dears, but I’m afraid you’ll first have to get through….lights start to go crazy as she raises her staff and hits it on the ground a few times. Immediately, we start to hear goblin like cackles as several students wearing bright orange sashes and creepy masks and capes all creep on stage.

Dixie: My safety patrol!!!

Mercury: Ack! We’re surrounded!!

Booger Minion 2: We’re doomed!!

Booger Minion 3: We’re all going to die!

Jupiter: Keep it together everyone! First we must save our comrades and then we will fight them all together!! We must-

Jupiter stops mid sentence as the lights flicker and change. The scene changes so we find them all in a classroom as children during play time, Charlie once again leading them all into this superhero world. Charlie puts a hand to his mouth, turns around,and throws up in one of the toy bins.


Kid 1: Mr. Preston! Mr. Preston!!

Kid 2: Charlie threw up!!

Mr. Preston: (Coming over) Oh dear. Charlie, let’s get you to the nurse’s office…

Miles: But we were just-

Charlie: It’s okay Miles. I’ll be back before you know it. He weakly gives a thumbs up, and he and Miles do a little handshake thing. Lights fade to black.

Scene Five:

Lights up to Jupiter Dallas and Aphrodite Houston. Aphrodite is on a laptop, and Jupiter is pacing the floor.

Jupiter: Could I…? No. That wouldn’t work. He’s too smart for that. What about-no no… His minions would see me… Maybe…

Aphrodite: What are you doing?

Jupiter: I’m trying to figure out how to infiltrate Octobrains’ lair.

Aphrodite: Who is this Octobrains I keep hearing about? What happened to the Dixie? Or Mr. P? Or the Lava monster you used to battle with?

Jupiter: They aren’t as big of a threat.


Jupiter: What are you doing?

Aphrodite: Homework.

Jupiter: When are you going to help me defeat Octobrains?  

Aphrodite: Later.

Jupiter: You always say later Aphrodite. It seems to me like you don’t even want to help!

Aphrodite: I do-I just…

Jupiter: What happened to you?

Aphrodite: High School happened.


Jupiter: Remember that time we went to the swamps of despair and defeated the tree witch?

Aphrodite: That was a long time ago.

Jupiter: And the witch had me in her clutches-and it seemed all was lost! But then-that was when you realized you had fire powers, and you torched the witch and we saved all the swamp people.


Jupiter: I need Aphrodite Houston. I can’t defeat Octobrains without her.

Aphrodite: Well you’re going to have to. I have an essay due tomorrow.

Jupiter: But-

Aphrodite: Go on-do your superhero stuff. I need to concentrate.

Lights change and Aphrodite and Jupiter are replaced with Madelyn and Charlie.

Charlie: Fine. Do your stupid essay.

Madelyn: Charlie-don’t be like-

Charlie: I’ll just defeat Octobrains by myself!!

He runs off, leaving Madelyn to her paper. Blackout.

Scene Six:

Lights up to Jupiter Dallas sitting in a chair surrounded by scientists with their fancy gadgets and clipboards.

Jupiter: So this strength serum will make me strong enough to defeat Octobrains?

Scientist 1: That’s the idea.

Scientist 2: There are some risks involved.

Scientist 3: And some side effects.

Jupiter: I don’t care. I can take it!

Scientist 4: Are you sure?

Scientist 1: Octobrains is quite a formidable foe.

Scientist 2: He’s killed many super heroes before you.

Scientist 3: If you aren’t careful…

All Scientists: He will kill you.

Jupiter: But he must be defeated! That is the super hero's duty.  

Scientist 4: Well, this serum should boost your strength enough to help you defeat Octobrains, but there is no for sure guarantee that it will work.

Scientist 1: It also might make you feel a little sick.

Jupiter: That’s ok. Anything to defeat Octobrains.

The scientists hook him up to an IV and start giving him the serum as the lights change. We see a spotlight on Jupiter, who seems to be standing alone on stage, the scientists gone. He comes downstage.

Jupiter: At some point in a hero’s journey, there comes a time when the hero must face the supervillain alone. He may have his comrades with him along the way, but ultimately it all leads to the final showdown. Hero versus villain. Good versus bad. And after the fight, only one will leave alive. A couple more spotlights come up and we see a few tableaus. In the first tableau, we see Mercury Austin and Juno Sol San Antonio in the middle of a fight with the Booger boy and his minions. Thanks Triple Squad. But you can’t come with me this time. The next tableau we see is of Aphrodite Houston. However, she is not on her phone or laptop this time, but striking an awesome superhero pose. You’ve taught me well Aphrodite. Now it’s time for me to put my training to the test. The lights go down on the tableaus and we see the eerie form of Octobrains behind him, the lighting making him large and very scary. Come at me Octobrains. I’m ready to face you. There is a sudden blackout as we hear Octobrains laugh creepily. The lights come up again, fog rolling onto the stage. It is dark and dreary. Jupiter Dallas is alone.

Jupiter: Where are you Octobrains?! Come out and face me!!

A hooded figure crosses the stage behind him and is gone before Jupiter can see anything. Another hooded figure zooms across the stage and is gone. Several hooded figures start to move around, crossing the stage in all directions, not caring now if Jupiter Dallas sees them or not. We can tell Jupiter is starting to feel a bit uneasy.

Voice of Octobrains: Why here comes the hero… Thinking he can defeat me...

Jupiter: I’m not-I’m not afraid of you-I have super strength serum!

Voice of Octobrains: HA! You think that can save you? Heroes have come to me before with super serum… You know where they are now?

The hooded figures whoosh onto stage and form one giant monster with a hideous mask face and large long claws. Jupiter Dallas is trying to be brave, but he’s absolutely terrified.

Jupiter: I-I’m not-I

Octobrains gives an inhuman screech and descends on our beloved hero. Jupiter Dallas disappears under the beast as it swirls around him. The lights are crazy and the creature is laughing.

Mom: From offstage. Charlie?

The monster disperses, and all of the hooded figures slink offstage, revealing not Jupiter, but Charlie, motionless on the floor.

Mom: Still offstage. Charlie?!


Mom: Charlie!!!


Scene Seven:

Lights up to Charlie in a hospital bed. He is asleep. Madelyn and her parents are all sitting around the bed.

Madelyn: I thought the chemotherapy was supposed to help.

Mom: It will. It just… takes time. That’s all.

Dad: We have to be patient. Charlie starts to stir. Look-I think he’s waking up.

Mom: How are you honey?

Charlie: Mom?

Madelyn: How are you feeling bro?

Charlie weakly turns his head away from them in silence.

Mom: Please don’t shut us out Charlie. We’re here to help you.

Charlie: No. I have to defeat this by myself.

Mom: But why?

Charlie: Cause that’s how it always is.

Mom: No it isn’t. That’s what families are for. We’re here to support you.


Dad: Remember when we went to that superhero convention and you made me dress up as Batman? And that scary person dressed as the Joker kept chasing us around?

Charlie: …..

Dad: ...Well, you know they’re coming out with a new superhero movie right? The Cyborg is getting his own movie!

Charlie: ….


Madelyn: Charlie, please just tell us how to help you. We don’t want you to feel alone in all this. Please let us in.

Charlie: Aphrodite wasn’t there.

Madelyn: What?

Charlie: And Octobrains got me.


Madelyn: Oh.

Dad: Octobrains?

Madelyn: He’s the archnemesis of Jupiter Dallas.

Mom: Oh.

Charlie: He’s super strong. I can’t beat him….


Madelyn: Well, maybe Jupiter Dallas just needs some help. Like from… Aphrodite Houston?

Charlie: A little skeptical, but lighting up. Really?

Madelyn: Putting a hand over her heart. From town to town and state to state…

Charlie: Putting a hand over his heart. We’ll take our stand with all the greats…

Madelyn and Charlie: Losing is the bad guy’s fate, justice, peace, and adventure awaits!!

Lights fade to black.

Scene Eight:

Lights up to Jupiter Dallas and Aphrodite Houston doing some stretches.

Aphrodite: Alright. So we’ve got to get you back into superhero shape.

Jupiter: I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet. I mean, Octobrains almost killed me back there.

Aphrodite: You can do this. And to assist you in your training, we have a couple of new recruits who will be joining us today!

Jupiter: New recruits?

Several spotlights come up like it’s some kind of game show.

Voice Over: Much like a game show host. Aaaaaand over in the corner, appearing for the first time, is the very lovely, very talented, Ms. Amarilloooooooo!

Off on one side of the stage, Ms. Amarillo appears. She is very dashing and very sexy. She hams up the audience, blowing them kisses.

Jupiter: Mom?

Ms. Amarillo: No-I’m Ms. Amarillo honey. Winks at the audience.

Voice Over: Aaaaaaaaand over here, we have the super awesome, very powerful, the one and only…. The Vulcaaaaaaaaan!!

On the opposite side of the stage, The Vulcan appears, showing off his muscles in as many ways as he can.

The Vulcan: Did someone order guns? Cause I got your shipment right here! He shows off his muscles again as Jupiter and Aphrodite face palm.

Aphrodite: Really Dad? That was low even for you.

The Vulcan: What? I am not Dad. I am…. THE VULCAN!!!!

Jupiter: So you guys are going to be training with me?

Ms. Amarillo: Not just us....

Voice Over: Aaaaaaaand last but not least, for their returning roles as sidekicks to the great Jupiter Dallas, we have the fiiiiine Mercury Austin and Juno Sol San Antonioooooooo!

With as much flourish as the last two superheroes, Mercury Austin and Juno Sol San Antonio also appear.

Jupiter: Miles?! Aubrey?!

Mercury: Don’t even think about trying to go up against Octobrains again without us!

Juno: Yeah!!

Aphrodite: Now let’s get training!!!

What proceeds is an awesome training montage in a scene to music. Something really upbeat plays as we see the heroes train together and do classic training type stuff. Suddenly, the lights start to change into something darker, and the music cuts off.

Octobrains: From somewhere off stage. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Jupiter: Octobrains…

Aphrodite: He’s here.

The group of heroes huddle together in a clump, preparing for a fight. As Octobrains speaks, we see hooded figures start to come on and off stage much like they did before.

Octobrains: You honestly think you can defeat me?! You’re just a boy!

Mercury: He’s not alone this time ya stupid!

Aphrodite: Yeah! He’s got us!

The hooded figures all swarm again to become Octobrains, who is even more intimidating than last time.

Octobrains: I am undefeatable!!

The Vulcan: Hi Undefeatable. I’m Dad.

Ms. Amarillo: For Jupiter Dallas!!!

All the superheroes: YEAH!!!

An epic fight scene ensues as the group of heroes all battle Octobrains together. We get to see many power ups used. At times, Jupiter Dallas gets knocked down, but his partners are always there to help him back up and to cover him. Finally, Jupiter, who is now exhausted, puts in a final effort to start a power up move. In slow motion, he punches Octobrains, who disintegrates back into the many hooded figures, who scatter. A couple of them stay behind to show the form of a crippled Octobrains, who starts to limp off.

Octobrains: You haven’t heard the last of me! I’ll return! I’ll return one day and I’ll be stronger than before!

Jupiter: Well if you do come back, we’ll be ready for you.

Aphrodite: All of us.

At this, Octobrains hisses and vanishes. The superheroes cheer and all freeze in mid high fives. Charlie comes on stage and stands near Jupiter Dallas. Mom, Dad, Madelyn, Miles, and Aubrey all come out as well and stand near their counterparts.

Madelyn: A hero never has to battle the bad guy alone.

Miles: Especially when he’s got his friends with him.

Aubrey: The villain doesn’t always lose…

Mom: But this time he did.

Dad: Today, our hero was victorious.

Charlie: Octobrains might come back one day, but I’ll watch him. I’ll be ready. For I’m….

As each group says their line, they both strike an awesome superhero pose.

Miles and Mercury: Mercury Austin!

Aubrey and Juno: Juno Sol San Antonio!

Mom and Ms. Amarillo: Ms. Amarillo!

Dad and The Vulcan: The Vulcan!

Madelyn and Aphrodite: Aphrodite Houston!

Charlie and Jupiter: Jupiter Dallas!!


End Play

© 2017 Lexi Melton

Author's Note

Lexi Melton
So this play has been put into production, and was able to go through with forty kids, which actually worked out pretty well. After co-directing it and seeing it in production, there are some things I want to change. Feedback is greatly appreciated, as well as how you liked it. I know there are probably some grammatical errors or misspellings, so I apologize for those.

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Added on August 3, 2017
Last Updated on August 3, 2017
Tags: Jupiter, Dallas, Aphrodite, Houston, Mercury, Austin, Juno, Sol, San, Antonio, Octobrains, Superhero, Super, hero, superheroes, kids, children, cancer, chemotherapy


Lexi Melton
Lexi Melton

Rexburg, ID

I love to write. I also love to juggle, draw, and a variety of other things. I'm also a... huge fan of kid's shows... even though I'm 24... I just love it when a good story is told. more..

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