Daydream River

Daydream River

A Story by Alfred Kukitz

Husband remembering a loss.


DayDream River

A slight whimper, he turned his head, but as he turned the whimper fell to a silent breeze that entered the open window. Was he hearing things? Could it be that a child, a baby, was somewhere in the room? His footsteps carried him to the closet. The hinges squeeked as it opened. There, inside, was nothing. An empty shell of what was once a wardrobe of flair and style. His wife’s thing, her clothes, her desire for fashion all enclosed in one closet of huge dimensions. Her absence and the closet’s reminder of her made his heart sink. She left unexpectedly, gone forever when a tree landed on her precious beautiful head. 

They slept that night in a wooded area. He insisted. She liked camping; she could be elegant and earthy. That red hair, green eye’s sweetness and beauty made her a one in a million. Rebecca. Rebecca, the girl nest door, a tomboy of sorts, an athlete and a great lover. All in one. The whimper rose in sound. He turned, looked about the room, waited for it again but once again a breeze entered from the window. Tom drifted into a long pause of reveries. His mind slowly wondering into a consciousness like a free floating river. The whimper sounded but he failed to notice it. And like a river his mind began moving in various fashions, slowly, then speeding into some water of great turbulence. He leaned against the wall; the whimpers now coming in regular beats, almost predictable, but he continued to ignore them, traveling, so to speak, down river into an endless chain of daydreams. 

Time moved with him in a timeless style. He watched as Becky stood before him, her eyes twinkling, a wonderful smile resting on her face. She whispered but Tom couldn’t hear her.

 “Come Tom...come with me.” She said but he still couldn’t hear her. 

She drew closer but Tom moved on traveling that river of daydreams carrying him to nowhere. Weeks passed. Then months. Tom remained affixed to that river of daydreams, free floating into nowhere. The whimper a long ago memory that he ignored. When the first year passed Tom remained leaning against that wall, that wall where a river a daydreams passed on into infinity.

Alfred W. Kukitz

© 2014 Alfred Kukitz

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Thank Delmar for visiting! Yes I know it's short but my imagination sometimes goes so far.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I enjoyed the write. Thanks for posting it. Unless you had a reason for brevity it could benefit from a few more words. Words are like candy to reader,too few leaves you hungry, too many makes you sick.

I think the door should creak not creep and a tree landing on a head smacks of Wile E. Coyote; I smiled inappropriately when I read that line.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on October 3, 2014
Last Updated on October 4, 2014
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Alfred Kukitz
Alfred Kukitz

Deering, NH

Yes, I'm still here. Just jazzing up my about me story. Sorry I don't die at the end. more..