A Story by Alfred Kukitz

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Drawn on the theory of random peculiarities
Process hides the hidden discovery of the eureka moment
Form burned in the central cortex of intuition
Shape, discovery, purge, the other way to knowledge
Blend into the dynamic of action and reaction.

Thank are welcome.............. took 75 million years to manifest
What were the evolutionary steps?

How long after the human nose formed did a human sneeze occur?

Did Homo sapiens breathe differently than today’s modern humans?

Based on the top statement “Drawn on the theory”

How long did it take humans to discover life through randomness,
Intuition, discovery?

What benefits were received?

What were the benefits to human consciousness of hearing the wind, listening to water flow, daylight, night, sound, stars?

Was there any phenomenon forgotten in human evolution? Is it with us?

Could the structure of Daily life be the foundation of human sanity?
Hence through this sanity can we find enlightenment, intuition, eureka moments,
Fantasy, knowledge.

In any system of process are there elements from within that can & will cause subterfuge to equality?

© 2017 Alfred Kukitz

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Thanks Margie!

At times my thinking is a riotous moment!


Posted 6 Years Ago

WOW! I'm glad I'm not inside YOUR mind! My terrain is much simpler! I never ponder such weighty matters, so your message is having to push me into the idea of it. I notice that most of your message is stated in past tense as if speaking of "the original humans" (or whatever). But as I read some of those parts, I was thinking how this isn't relegated to "original times" (or whatever). This line, for example: "What were the benefits to human consciousness of hearing the wind, listening to water flow, daylight, night, sound, stars?" . . . it's an ongoing discovery for each of us, as we go thru the eons . . . thus the verb form "were" kinda made me think twice (((HUGS))) fondly, Margie

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on November 19, 2017
Last Updated on November 19, 2017
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Alfred Kukitz
Alfred Kukitz

Deering, NH

Yes, I'm still here. Just jazzing up my about me story. Sorry I don't die at the end. more..