Cursed Intro

Cursed Intro

A Story by Stephen Mayo

Steam was rising in a steady cloud from one of the many sewer vents around the city, sifting through the night air to thin and spread like a virus that makes it's way into everything over time. The familiar sounds of cars honking and people yelling echoed through the streets creating the music of the city that Jared had so come to love. It was that very music which helped him to get away with what he was going to do that night. Dogs barked loudly in a nearby alley, chasing a scared cat that fled quickly into the street before finally being struck by a passing cab. In a place like that, no one ever noticed Jared, he could live as he chose and be who he wanted to be.
Three years he had lived here, searching the streets at night for his own delight and pleasure, doing as he pleased, and leaving before anyone was the wiser. Sure, the police would notice within a few days as a dead body or two surfaced in some nearly forgotten alcove of an alley wall, but Jared was nowhere to be seen by that time, already searching the streets for his next victim.
That night, he was walking slowly past an abandoned church, a place that always made him laugh slightly and smirk at the loss of faith in this world. His vision sharpened and his ears fought for sound as he finally noticed a person for the night. She was young, twenty at the most, walking along the street with a wary gaze for any shadow that she had passed. Her red shirt was sleeveless and hung on her shoulders with straps so thin they looked like they would break under the weight of her ample chest which lay exposed more than most decent girls would stand for. A short black skirt hung to mid thigh, leaving slender bare legs that walked on oddly enough in blue sandals. If it wasn't for the backpack that appeared to contain a few books, he would probably have mistaken her for a prostitute. Ladies of the night always walked these streets, far away from where most cops bothered to care about, but they weren't an interest to him. Licking his lips slightly, he watched her move and felt a hunger well up inside of him.
He ducked quickly into the first alleyway he came upon, hiding just behind a fire escape until she walked past. She barely had time to let out half a scream before his hand closed over her mouth, and the other wrapped tightly around her waist, pulling her into the shadows of the alley. Fear flooded her face so thick that it seemed as if it would flow from her eyes along with the tears that were now running down her cheeks. Her breathing became quick and panicked as she tried in vain to push him away, hitting weakly with balled fists against his back and sides, all the while screaming beneath his hand.
He smiled and shushed her gently before pulling her close to him and leaning close to her ear. "Don't worry, it will all be over soon." He could smell her, a strong, almost fruity scent tinged with fear. He loved the smell of innocence. 
He pulled her tight, penetrating with a practiced grace and pushing aside skin easily. Her breath caught, her teeth gritted tightly, and blood flowed. The first time usually hurt, but once they were changed by the experience, it usually became very pleasurable, even to the point where some craved this embrace above all else.
She continued to fight back for a while before exhaustion and fear finally caused her body to go limp in his arms. He took what he wanted from her, relishing every moment, every sensation as he went, and then finally set her unconscious body near a dumpster. Her breathing was shallow, her shirt was torn, and her hands were bruised. Rummaging around in her backpack for a moment, he found what he was looking for. Menthols weren't his favorite type, but nothing beat a cigarette afterward. His silver lighter lit the cigarette easily, and he took a few drags letting the smoke drift out his mouth and nostrils as he examined his handiwork. “Not half bad, honey, you tasted like strawberries.” His tongue ran across his lips once more.
Kneeling back down next to her, he removed a knife from his belt and carefully connected the two deep holes on the side of her neck with a practiced precision. When he was done, he took one last look at her beautiful form before walking off into the night. If she survived, she would become another child of darkness, a vampire like himself. If she didn't... then she was just one more rape victim that the cops would sweep under the rug.

© 2011 Stephen Mayo

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Added on July 4, 2011
Last Updated on July 4, 2011


Stephen Mayo
Stephen Mayo

Billings, MT

Been a while since I updated this. At the moment I'm writing for the New Horizon RPG ( I'm also working on a few personal projects whenever I get time. more..

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