The Decision

The Decision

A Poem by A.M. Everlasting

A poem inspired by the Twilight series, long ago.


I'm finally marrying the man of my dreams,

But this revelation is bittersweet

Because there is one just as fair

With russet skin and dark black hair

I was never his, though he was mine 

And now I miss him all the time 

But my decision I do not regret 

And I have no plan, as of yet

To undo the damage I have done

By being what I have become

It took me much to long to see 

That I loved him and he loved me

That if the other did not exist

He was the one I would end up with 

My choice, I think, was not wrong

But my feelings for him are equally strong

Though my heart is in other's hand

I know he questions my love for the man 

For he was the sunlight made for me

But my destiny is darkness eternally

And as I take a step towards my fate

Which I am bound, for it's too late

To change my mind and choose the other

Who I found I love more as brother

But I love them both with all my heart

And choosing one has ripped me apart

And the half given to him is to torn

Now Jacob's Bella is no more

And I feel guilty and incomplete

When I think of everything he's given me

But if two men love you true

How would you find the strength to choose?

When I was broken into pieces

He kept me together and provided a reason

To wake up in the morning, to live on

Thus, creating an uneasily broken bond

He pushed me on a forward path

That ended up bringing my life back

If only I could end his pain

And nurse the many wounds I've made

And take away all that he may feel

To ensure that he will someday heal

For I find words fails to express

My terrible sorrow so immense

And my actions they do not display

Anything near what I wish to say

And I know we'll have no future together

Though he will be my best friend forever

So on my wedding day, I'll cry

As I leave everything behind

Including the man with dark black hair

Whose memory I'll keep with me everywhere.

© 2018 A.M. Everlasting

Author's Note

A.M. Everlasting
I was sitting in a History class one day, and I started to write in my little black notebook. I was only expecting to write a couple of stanzas...and then this came out. I, myself, was surprised that I wrote a poem this long. I'd love to know you guys' thoughts on it. :)

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Well, I have to say I'm not a fan of Twilight at all, but I love this poem. It is written so well and the rhyming is so good. You definitely have a gift to be able to write this in a history class. Hope you didn't miss anything important. :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on October 11, 2009
Last Updated on November 30, 2018
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A.M. Everlasting
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