Good Morning

Good Morning

A Poem by Amber S. Hays

Flirtatious attempts to inhale your soul; to have you. 

Hiding behind the weakness of intoxication, I allow myself to the truth. 

Picking me up, metal played through the darkness. 

It is morning. The sun will rise soon, along with the bodies that consume it. 

Get out of the car, carefully placing my steps as to not define myself as a

Bigger fool. I’m playing it cool, and allowing your sober words to soak in. 

May I design this path for us?                             

“An old friend” you wrote to your father before leaving, which was lead into

Calling me “beautiful”, then (later) the words, “Watch your back on Monday, I’ll

Be single.”

So I lead you to my home; bellies full of s**t coffee and an early, greasy

Breakfast. The sun creeping to blind, we pull in the drive way. 

Making our way through the house as to not wake everyone else, we reach my

Bed and fall into its open arms.

Your talking soon fades into a humming slumber, and I catch myself a rest with

Your harmless company.

And we slept, beautifully together for the break of a new day.

Good Morning.  


© 2012 Amber S. Hays

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Added on March 28, 2012
Last Updated on March 28, 2012
Tags: love, hopeful


Amber S. Hays
Amber S. Hays


My name is Amber. I am 21 years old and I'm currently in school majoring in literature and writing I love writing. Anything and everything. I like to be truthful as well as straight forward. Feedbac.. more..