An Infant's Lesson

An Infant's Lesson

A Poem by Amit Amola

He died at his eighties with a proper end,

And yesterday he was born again.

This time Sir Alex had a new face,

Along with a new name by his parent's grace.


Less excited was he in his new name,

More curious was he to know what has changed.

Though for a year he couldn't see much,

As his new mom never let him off her clutch.


But in meantime he had observed a lot,

Like his father never used an overcoat.

And instead of farms he used to work in a place so far,

That he often travelled in something known as car.


There were no carts, there were no bulls,

And neither these cars were needed to pull.

It used to travel at lightening pace,

By what modern humans called Petroleum's grace.


Less excited was he to see that car move,

More curious was he to see a cloud of black soot.

Which was coming from back of the car,

And he felt as if dark clouds were preparing to show'r.



But alas, there were no shower nor any sign of rain,

Instead that black soot choked his lungs and brain.

Sir Alex thought maybe it's a modern thing,

Perhaps inside its back there's someone cooking.


When he grew bit older and started to move,

He saw so many things which he couldn't prove.

He couldn't just understand how possible it could be,

As he saw people moving in a box called TV.


And moreover he couldn't believe in his eyes,

When he saw a giant thing passing by in the sky.

It wasn't a bird or any natural thing,

It was quite big and without moving wings.


Less excited was he to know what was that thing,

More curious was he to know how it flew without real wings.

But as Sir Alex was doing some thinking,

A bird flew in for a piece of crumbling.


He forgot that giant and approached that bird,

In wish to exchange with her some words.

But as he knee walked towards that fowl,

It flew away and sat beside the bowl. 


Sir Alex rumbled as if saying- “Come here you

I have done nothing to you !”

While bird chirped in a different tone,

As if exclaiming- “please don't moan”.


“It's the way we all have to behave

Or you humans will make us slave

If I don't be away from you

What will my little fledglings do”


Sir Alex was stunned for a moment,

Because in his preceding life they didn't even touch a rodent.

What has changed in a millennium or two,

Was not only for that bird but was inhumane for him too.


The bird also told the true state,

Of our mother Earth and her near fate.

It's becoming a hell where no one would like to be,

And for the question who is culprit? Answer is we.


Less excited was he to know what damage has been done,

More curious was he to know what remedial steps they should begun.

But alas, what more good she could had told to him,

Her mind was not so skilled in comparison to human being. 


She was just a spectator, humans were real protagonist of this play,

Who left the Duncan's army and went in Macbeth's way.

We all know the end and we know who was deceased,

But hey Macduff, Oh Macduff when will your legacy be received.


Sir Alex knew that, that time has come,

When he'll forget everything from past and his new life will begun.

It's almighty's grace that he leaves some wit from our past,

So that we can acclimatize to the new world in which we're cast.


It's not infant Alex who now needs to learn,

To face new hitches which come across turn by turn.

It's we the humans, the mighty moral fools,

Who need to learn some ethical values.

That all creatures whether big or small,

Have right to live in peace before they fall.


The person who is reading...yes I'm talking to you,

There is always a thing which you can do

To bring about the change we seek,

Which as an individual we always feel is bleak.


Together we can change this world,

We don't need bacteria to convert milk into curd.

Say no to pollution, and to all contamination we do,

Because our kids won't like the mess we lead them into.



There is still some time my friends,

And even my foes, you listen too

It's not the time to engage in war,

It's time to spread love and harmony's hue.


Remove all the ills and enmities,

And give place for peace to fill,

Because mother Earth has got enough,

To fulfil all our will.

© 2013 Amit Amola

Author's Note

Amit Amola
Please review this poem with full heart and don't shy on criticizing on wrong aspects.

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Added on May 4, 2013
Last Updated on May 4, 2013
Tags: infant, child, learning, peace, harmony, supernatural


Amit Amola
Amit Amola

Dehradun, Jolly Grant, India