My Librarian

My Librarian

A Story by andrejason

A recent visit to my local library introduced me to a unique personality.


He was leaning against the window of the drive through window when I pulled up. I’ll tell you; that is a true benefit of the libraries in my neighborhood- the ease and connivence of dropping off and picking up books. 

I startled him when I pulled up; probably just as much as he startled me. It’s unusual to find a librarian standing at the window, starring dazed into the noonday sun. I often envision them thumbing through the card catalogue, reading the wikipedia page of Melville Dewey or gossiping- with books in hand -whilst eating apples. 

It’s perhaps the most under romanticized profession. 

Mark, as his name tag read, slowly opened the window and addressed me in a lapsed, slightly euphoric voice. His eyes looked swollen. His white collared shirt had one giant crease down the middle; no doubt the victim of his seatbelt that morning. His neatly trimmed beard and hair fit the bill of a male librarian. 

“Hey Man. How you doing today?”

His slightly slurred speech caught me off guard. If it weren’t for his badge, I’d question his employment and would presume he was a drifter; still drunk from last night’s outing complete with bashing a pool cue over a white supremacists’ head or high from shooting up smack in the dark, abandoned alley that is the outdated periodical section.

“I’m good. How are you”

“Man; I’m good.”

His glazed eyes; the portion of them I could see- mind you, were fixated just past the front of my minivan. I wondered what beautiful illusions he must have seen. He turned to me-

“Beautiful day today.”

“Yup,” I replied while handing him my library card.

With a wink and a modest head nod, Mark was gone; off the retrieve my books.

Was he high?

Was he hitting on me?

Multiple questions filled my mind as I waited uncomfortably. 

He shortly thereafter returned with a stack of books, comics and a DVD; handed my card back to me and saw me off with a pleasant,

“Have a nice day.”

I drove off, but I will never forget today’s visit to my local library.

I imagine Mark is still there now. 

Even long after his shift is over and the library has closed; standing by that window, waiting longly for patrons; getting high on literature. 

© 2015 andrejason

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I got a little high on this. It captures really well the uncertainty with which we can act around other people, even when the exchange itself is undramatic. The metaphor is one of my favourites so far.
Thank you.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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