Beautiful Baby Girl

Beautiful Baby Girl

A Poem by Starrbitt

Beautiful little baby girl 
Runs around with her arms spread wide 
The world is her playground 
The world is her swing and slide 
She smiles up at the sun 
Glitter in her crystal eyes 
Curls around her dimpled cheeks 
Her momma watches her play outside 
Wearing a smile made of sweetness 
Her daddy joins her side 
Together they watch her proudly 

Beautiful grown up baby girl 
Walks around, head down and shy 
The world is her carnival 
The world is her craziness and pretty lights 
She blushes up into his face 
Tears dripping down her crystal eyes 
Sliding down her dimpled cheeks 
Her momma as waiting for her outside 
Frowning a thin lipped frown 
Her daddy standing in the porch light 
Together they wait for her 

Beautiful scared baby girl 
Runs away feeling chased like a fly 
The world is her demon 
The world is her fire and ice 
She screams up at the moon 
Terror in those crystal eyes 
A pounding in her dimpled cheeks 
Her momma talks to he police outside 
Lips trembling as she holds in her fear 
Her daddy joins her shaking side 
Together they stand praying for her safety 

Beautiful lost baby girl 
Walks around, doesn't look back at herself as she dies 
The world is her ghost 
THe world is her past and future cries 
She prays up at the god 
Blood under her crystal eyes 
Smeared over her dimpled cheeks 
Her momma falls to he ground outside 
Holdin onto her girl with an agonized face 
Her daddy's fists shake at her side 
Together they're hearts get ripped into shreds 

Beautiful sad baby girl 
Runs after her daddy, he seems hypnotized 
The world is her guardian 
The world is her revenge and knights 
She looks up at the window 
Hatred drilled in her crystal eyes 
A smirk slid on these dimpled cheeks 
Her momma sits worried and confused outside 
Tears slide down her face remembering her girl 
Her daddy carries the shot gun inside 
Together, him and baby girl strike revenge 
Only wanting blood tonight 

© 2013 Starrbitt

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Added on June 26, 2013
Last Updated on June 26, 2013



Oakhill, WV

I love anime if you couldn't tell, vampires, writing, and evil faeries! My favorite color is purple, I like to read about creatures and zombies, and I love making my own videos. more..

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