The Great Man Ever Found

The Great Man Ever Found

A Poem by Mbali

Dad's greatness


The strength of a mountain God put in you

The smile of Jerusalem, is all I see through

The words so calm, even if things are blue

The arms wide open, wasn’t afraid to run to

You made me so strong, so great and beyond

The majesty of a tree, the shelter I always wanted

The comfort of the house, the laughter I longed for

The love you always shared, I cant even compare

The warmth of you heart, the sun isn’t even near

You gave me courage, so great and beyond

The warmth of a summer sun, surrounded me everyday

The knowledge you gave the family, no one has ever shared

The wisdom of the ages, its here with me I carry

The depth of family need, so great you have always been

You made me who I am, so great and beyond


The calm of a quiet sea, you always have been fair

You taught me compromise, don’t sleep with anger you said

The comforting arm you have been, to people who needed hand

The joy of morning in spring, is all that you gave

You taught me love, so great and beyond


The generous soul of nature, the power of the eagle flight

The faith of the farmer to seeds, the patience of eternity

The combined God’s quality, his complete masterpiece

My love for you is forever, Dad you are great and beyond compare

© 2011 Mbali

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Added on March 2, 2011
Last Updated on March 4, 2011



Columbus, OH

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