Radio Silence

Radio Silence

A Poem by Kelly B.

The point in a relationship where one person is putting in significantly more effort than the other up until the relationship's final demise.

Our boat was filled with holes and all I could do was watch the water seep in through the punctures and I didn’t take notice to the water level rising when it was only at my feet because I can tolerate the weight of saturated socks inside my shoes and the sloshing of the water with every step didn’t seem to bother me because I was used to the feeling of resistance whenever I needed to move forward. I didn’t start to worry just yet because I knew of a million ways to patch holes, I wasn’t going to let a few gashes send me into panic but trying to mend multiple eyelets on your own became an almost impossible task because it seemed every time I sealed one hole another would break through in its place. I started to wonder when you were going to jump in to assist seeing as we were both in the same boat but when I asked you for help you shrugged it off as if the holes could seal themselves. Eventually I could no longer keep up with the amount of water that was seeping through and we were now neck deep and I asked one final time in desperation if you could help to save us before we capsized but the only response I got was nothing more than radio silence and I couldn’t figure out at what frequency you were transmitting signals and it was becoming clear that I would never be on the same channel I needed to be to communicate. My optimism had not been fully diminished yet as I could see there was an island not far up ahead and if we could just make it there we would be fine. But as fate would have it, there was only one life preserver and I was far too weary from trying to keep us afloat that it was my only shot at making it back to shore. I wasn’t prepared when you took the life preserver for yourself and left me to go down with the ship on my own. I watched as you swam to safety without me, not looking back even once to see if I knew how to swim.

© 2017 Kelly B.

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Added on June 9, 2017
Last Updated on June 10, 2017


Kelly B.
Kelly B.


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06/18/17 06/18/17

A Poem by Kelly B.