What is our purpose in life

What is our purpose in life

A Story by DeadGuyWalking(Austin)

I just been thinking a lot about why I am still here so I wanted to wright this.

While I've been alive I have always wondered what makes life worth living; I think I found the answer. In life people always ask what is our purpose and if you say you haven't you are now because you read the title and are probably thinking it right now. So for me my purpose is to be a care taker I love helping others in need and hearing their stories, giving them advise and even making them feel like they belong to a group or that they deserve to be loved. As people we need others to help us we will always have that one person who is sad or depressed so you have to bring them up. I think that's what life is about Just caring for others and giving forgiveness when it is needed to help heal your self and them don't be afraid to ask for it ether just make sure you are sincere and don't try to blame them as well.

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I haven't read very much of your stuff yet. I'm old & forgetful, so I only remember that I read a piece of yours describing a somewhat gruesome experience as a young person growing up in your situation. That's why it's such a stunning reversal to now read this! It just goes to show that many of us who lived thru abusive childhoods end up being more empathetic than most. It has been my observation in life that only about half the people have any idea what kind of endeavor really turns them on, while also using their best attributes. Consider yourself lucky to have such a clear burning passion at your very young age! I'm excited for you. I love that there's not a trace of anything "poor me" in this, not like you're choosing this path becuz of all the s**t that's happened to you. This is written as if you just woke up knowing this was your purpose. One thing that could enhance a little blurb like this would be to use some real-life examples . . . show yourself doing something that really turned you on & as this realization is dawning on you. That would be the difference between SHOW instead of tell, which is what all writers say we must strive toward! Have fun in being an "includer" . . . I do believe you have the thick skin & resilience to take on such assignments (which can be tricky & punishing)! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Years Ago

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