Wasting Away

Wasting Away

A Story by Ashen

A story of an anorexic girl.

She was a victim of society's views of what beauty was. Commercials and magazines full of tall, slender, doe-eyed models filled her life. They distorted the image she saw in the mirror from beautiful to a jiggling, fat, pasty monster. 
She was pressured into wearing layers upon layers of makeup to hide her real image and look "perfect". To her, it never worked. To her, her nose was too big, her lips too thin, her eyes too squinty and her ears the size of Dumbo's. To the onlooker she was just a girl with insecurities.
So every meal she would fake a headache, say she wasn't hungry or claim she didn't have time to eat because she had too much homework. Twenty days, twenty pounds lighter. One size smaller. 
But it wasn't enough. Her stomach still bulged. Her thighs still jiggled. Her arms were pudgy. She started to run miles a day. She lifted weights and worked out obsessively. She didn't eat. Ten days and twenty pounds lighter and you could see her ribs. But to her, she was fat, hideously ugly. She googled diet tips. She started eating again, but only negative calorie foods. She kept exercising for hours every day. Pound after pound disappeared. 
People commented on how beautiful she looked, which only made her think they were lying. She had to be skinnier to be beautiful. Days passed. Pounds disappeared. She kept getting more and more exhausted. All her energy disappeared. One day she passed out at school. She blamed not having gotten any sleep the night before. She wasn't lying, but she wan't telling the whole truth either. She had spent the night screaming into her pillow, cursing at herself for being so hideously fat. She had taken one too many pain pills while trying to get the pain from her stomach eating itself to go away. It just made the pain worse. 
Months passed. She was now passing out almost every day. Her nails were yellow and cracking from the lack of nutrients. She hid them under children's sized clothing, which was still baggy. Bones jutted out of her slight frame. 
She still thought she was ugly. She still thought she was fat. The mirror became her biggest enemy. When she looked in it, her stomach was bulgy and lined with stretch marks. Her upper arms sagged over her elbows. Elephant sized thighs connected to dimply knees which led to thick calves with cankles. 
Nothing was beautiful enough to her. So she cried herself to sleep every night thinking she wasn't good enough. 
She slept constantly, drained of her life force. 

One day, she just didn't wake up.

© 2013 Ashen

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This is a really sad story but I've got to admit, it's true. Many people to take it out on their selves and go too hard on their bodies. This story shows the truth behind what many people cannot tell anyone. It's beautiful. Send me read requests!!!! I think your works are very unique and fun to read! Love them!!

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Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 1, 2013
Last Updated on May 9, 2013
Tags: anorexic, sad, skinny, lonely
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