The Time Travel

The Time Travel

A Story by The Godfather

A short story about the creator of time travel and her realizing -- with help -- on why it will lead to the destruction of time itself.



The Time Traveler.

By Allen J. Straith

“Time travel is no easy feet. Nor is it a game. It's more like trying to swim from one side of the ocean to the other, it's just not safe. Possible? Maybe, but its dangerous.”

The girl looked at the old man with a wondrous gaze. All her life, she wanted to travel through time. Being a physicist, Sarah of course theorized how humans could travel back and forth, safely, through time. But standing here, talking with a time traveler, she could just stand in awe.

The man claims to be from a different time line. She doesn't quite understand, she thought time was linear �" apparently not �" and he says his time, everyone's time is falling apart because of what she did. Because she created a time machine and stepped into the past, saving her dead mother. Instead of creating a paradox, like every scientist believed it would, it just created another time. Another dimension, you could call it. This discovery created a dimension where people go back and try to change events that shouldn't be changed, which is tearing the fabric of time itself. Soon only the original time line will exist. Doesn't sound too bad, Sarah thought, because according to the time traveler her world is the original. But then he drop's the bombshell.

“It doesn't sound to bad, until you know the full truth. People don't like to die, and there is a theory out there that states if you are in the original time line, you will not be destroyed. People are crossing into your world like crazy.” The man's blue eyes peered into Sarah's soul, making her feel uncomfortable, then he continued. “But you, in my time told me what would really happen. She wanted to be here, explaining everything to you, but she was ripped apart right in front of me. She told me, before she was destroyed by a fading time line, that people will tear apart as their time line fades.”

Again, Sarah says doesn't sound so bad. Why should she care?

“Sarah in my reality figured out if enough people in the original time line are torn apart at the same time, in this time line, it would begin to fade itself. Your reality wouldn't be destroyed, rather, it would no longer be set in stone. Someone could create a paradox. Someone could altar history, and she believes someone is attempting this.” The man pauses, watching Sarah's eye's shift calculating whether this is possible. “We have a machine that monitors the fabric of time, to see what time line is fading, and this one is all ready in flux. And something has changed. Who was the 44th President?”

“John McCain.” Sarah said, which always felt odd.

“World World Three, when did it start?”

“July 4th 2011.” Again, it feels weird.

“And this is the kicker. When does the world end?”

Sarah laughs, but then she stops, looks at the time traveler.

“Exactly. December 21, 2012 �" which, as you know, changed Earth forever. But it didn't end the world, just created a new one. But like your father theorized before he died, it could have been different. There is a fugitive from our world missing, who thinks this world should be punished for killing trillions of humans across all time lines...”

“Now hold on, we didn't...”

“Oh, I agree, but he destroyed one time line by proving your father correct. He plans on creating what has been called the doomsday experiment. And since this time is all ready in flux, he could end human kind forever. But you can change it.”

“How?” Sarah asked, but all ready she knew how. She looked at the machine she created, that doesn't work yet but will one day, apparently.

“That time machine doesn't work. It took you two more years figure it out, but I will teach you what you did wrong, so you can go back in time. And let your mom die. Don't change anything. Or you could destroy the machine, destroy the ability to time travel. And along with it destroy all other time lines, even myself.”

With that, Sarah went over to her machine, grabbed the central processor and slammed it on the ground. Looked back, and the man was gone. Then she asked herself, what man? She looked at what she just did. Why did she destroy the central processor of her time machine? Then a thought crossed her mind: its dangerous, should never be created. She doesn't know why but that is what she thinks.

She walks out of her lab, turns the lights off and decides not to finish her machine. At least not until she figures out why it's dangerous to travel through time and how to make it safe.

© 2010 The Godfather

Author's Note

The Godfather
I just wrote this, please tell me any grammar mistakes and also how you feel about the story itself.

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