Opinions Are the New Religion

Opinions Are the New Religion

A Poem by A.N.W.

A poem about how opinions are dividing this country and how bigoted we ALL are.

Dogmatic religions, opinions. they're all the same today.
Spat out over worn mics melodically or periodically
At a vicious rally, teeth clenched, jaws tight.
Opinions are the new religion.
When an opinion could start a war,
A spotlight never shared by religion before,
We have reached the brink of it all,
Where we can no longer get along.

Put a liberal and a conservative in a room,
Sit them around a rounded table,
Symbolized as equality as long as the circle
is circular, But that is pushed aside as 
soon as opinions start to fly. 

Once we were great, and opinions aside,
We rested in the fact that we were all
Of the same nationality but where has that
Mentality gone?

It flew out of the window, replaced with
suffixes such as Pro and Anti,
Are you Against, or are you For?
Well we have a place for you.
Your assigned seat, the ridicule 
Of the opposition flies at you,
No need to duck from their blows,
To your chair is a grenade tied below. 

Opinion is the new religion.
No longer do we focus on making
A Great people Greater, but
an Opinion much Stronger.
Strap a bomb and blow it up,
Meat chunks thrown across the 
Pavement, Drenched in blood.
This is where our opinions have gone.

Let's shove this one in children's media,
Teach them this, that this is okay, 
But the other side of the pie...
You're damned if you do!
Shoving your opinions down other's throats.
"How dare you! Teaching bigotry and hate!
How dare you! To little souls your opinions 
Teach. Bigotry has no place in this century...."

Can we live a life hate free, or is the land
Of the free enslaved by our tongues and how
We measure right from wrong.

Everyone has a religion.
Not every religion needs a god.
Every religion needs a Tongue, a 
Voice, a Dogma, each and every one.
Where do you come from?
What do you stand for, what do you
Push? Are your ideas headed for the sky
Waiting to fly, Or is it a one man mission,
Suicide for the prize?

Opinions are the new religion.
When a war could be formed or
Agree to disagree is no longer an 
Option, then there, here's our god.
Arms crossed, smug look, 
Judgmental to the brink.
Whether for or against,
Judgmental doesn't sink.

Opinions are the new religion. 

© 2014 A.N.W.

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Added on March 3, 2014
Last Updated on March 3, 2014
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