Unpatriotic and Wealthy

Unpatriotic and Wealthy

A Story by Father Mojo


If the wealthy truly are patriotic and love this country that has given them so much, then they would either want to pay higher taxes, or they would give their wealth to the government. If a man bought up all of the bread in a town, and kept the bakery from making more, would not that man be responsible for hunger in that town? So when the wealthy conspire to acquire more and more wealth, and they refuse to allow for systems and structures that provide anything for the poor, are they not then responsible for poverty? It is worse than simply owning all the bread for they own all the money, which pays not only for bread, but for clothing, housing, medicine, education, and all other things in society. Therefore, the wealthy are responsible not only for poverty, but for hunger, sickness, ignorance, and all other social ills.

If the wealthy were truly patriotic, they would not simply accuse the government of being too broke to help anyone but them, they would demand that the government take more of their money, so that the government would be fiscally sound �" for how is it possible for one to claim love of country while conspiring to keep it weak and anemic? How can someone claim to be a patriot while conspiring to keep the country he claims to love impoverished and subservient to debt-collectors? Surely the patriotic response would be for the wealthy to say, “Take from our vast wealth! No American need starve or freeze or die from a treatable illness! Take from me! I have plenty!”


In fact, the most unpatriotic thing the wealthy can do is to scheme to pay less. It is like a man who decides that the money he earns is best spent on himself, and his wife and kids do not deserve any of the food, housing, clothing, or medicine that his money could buy them. How could anyone claim that this man loves his family? How can anyone claim they love their country if they behave in the same manner? They love only wealth and hate all other things �" including the country who allowed for them to acquire their vast wealth.

This unpatriotic greed is severe to a government and to a society, but it is not the end. These unpatriotic scoundrels then take their wealth and invest it in foreign banks and in foreign countries. They will enrich others while leaving the country they “love” destitute. They take much needed capital and cash out of a lagging economy and place it in a vault, resulting in more poverty, more hunger, more sickness, more ignorance, more social ills. It is like an officer in the military rummaging through the rations for the camp and selling it the armies of foreign nations, even to enemy nations, leaving his own soldiers to fend for themselves. What epithet would that behavior earn that officer? He would be branded a traitor! So what else can the wealthy who take their wealth to foreign nations be but treasonous?

If the wealthy were patriotic, they would demand to pay higher taxes. They would keep their money in their own country. They would invest in roads and bridges and construction and production, all of which would create jobs and increase spending that would then create more jobs, making the wealthy even wealthier.

But the Bible says that the love of money �" greed �" is the root of all that is evil in the world, and it is the wealthy who prove that the Bible is correct. Any individual, party, or organization that claims that the wealthy need more tax breaks are both unpatriotic and inciting treason.


© 2014 Father Mojo

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Added on February 10, 2014
Last Updated on February 10, 2014
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Father Mojo
Father Mojo

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