Scarlet Paints the Flower Bed

Scarlet Paints the Flower Bed

A Poem by BLBrown

Many thanks to my dear friend and brilliant poet, Rick Peutter, whose suggestions were so very welcome!! This poem is written in Trochaic Trimeter with Catalexis (see Author's note.)


Trochaic Trimeter with Catalexis.


Trochaic Trimeter with Catalexis.

Empty rests the moist dark earth,

which shall spring forth hallowed birth.

Rose of such perfection, true,

how we long to view your hue.


First is seen the sprout so shy,

life still meek, leaves seek the sky.

Hiding self so tightly closed,

bud thus formed, a baby rose.


Next ‘tis waft of sweet perfume,

sun-coaxed flower, fragrant bloom.

Oh, now blossom, opens wide,

petal after petal rise.


Maiden joins the vast display,

flora hath so much to say.

Reddest red t’was what it said,

scarlet paints the flower bed.


Then alas comes withering,

rose ‘tis now done dithering.

Though one begs its heart to beat,

‘tis a sorrowed death, once sweet.


Gone to ground, returns the bloom,

back to mother earth, so soon.

Again, wait we, bud to rise

rose of glory, in our eyes.

For those of you interested in poetic meter:

Trochaic Trimeter with Catalexis.

© 2012 BLBrown

Author's Note

Structure: Trochaic Trimeter with Catalexis.


- What About White Contest - "My Special Favorite" 8th Place

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Dearest Barbara..........oh, I see your first place win posted for this poem and I know you have not been on site for so many, many months!
You are missed, and thought of so very often!! I wish we could hear from you sweet friend!!!


Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thanks so much for your kind comments about my poem. Yes, I'm not on the site much anymore, preferr.. read more
Sheila Kline

10 Years Ago

Oh, it is wonderful to hear from you!!!! I shall have to check out the site you mention, though I d.. read more
This an absolutely beautiful piece, and it reminds me of the subtle beauties of nature an how it inspires me.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very cool, I really enjoyed some arcaic stuff like using "th" to mark the singular 3rd person or the use of " 'tis " and "t'was". Also, talking about the theme, thank you, thank you for the most vivid image I've had so far reading a poem in WC ! You caught every detail of the flower, it was delightful to read it !

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thanks so much...glad you enjoyed it!
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Isn't nature sooo inspiring?! I absolutely loved this :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

beautiful job! The subject, the wording, everything! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

A very beautiful piece of poetry.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Well executed, Barbara!

Thank you for your note, since I have RRs off. I am always up to reading your work. Yes, I do love to write about nature and I'm glad you pointed me to this poem. Such an exquisite writing, the life cycle of a rose has never been captured so beautifully.

I tell myself one day I will devote more time to develop my poetic skill set, especially toward metered poetry. You know my schedule is crazy now - and I find writing anything to be a chore at the moment. When my life calms down, I will give metered verse a go around, several times until I can say I can do it without stress or "work". So eventually it comes more naturally for me. I enjoy free verse, but it is also a lazier way of writing (IMHO). If I can one day, get metered poetry down to a regular and profound effort - then I may actually feel like a poet!

Excellent! 100

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

You know what was so unexpected for me about the meter exercise, which I have now applied to other e.. read more
I like your playing with words like " 'tis" or "t'was" even if it's little confusing, but all in all it's exquisite! I like your idea to wrote something different, something like this.
The positive rays are hitting on it, it made me smile!
Thanks for sharing..Keep it up my wonderful friend :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

R.A. Youngblood

11 Years Ago

Yeah, i can see that, t'was fun to read! You're welcome! :D

11 Years Ago

Sometimes, the use (not overuse) of words like 'tis, twas, doth, hence, hath, and so on can make a p.. read more
R.A. Youngblood

11 Years Ago

Yeah, that's why it was fun to read. :D
I enjoyed this very much, beautifully done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is written with classical style, I really like it, you both

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Hello, my name is Barbara. Writing is my calling in life. It took me awhile but I've finally answered. I will write anything, poetry, ditties, short stories, and am currently also working on a .. more..

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