Sol's Story (PART 2)

Sol's Story (PART 2)

A Story by Benjamin_Anderson

Sol and the Legate are finally embarking on the Dam. They will assault the NCR's most defensive position.

Ben Anderson - The 2nd Part to an epic story of war!
The Invasion of Hoover Dam

Sol slid his Centaurian Helmet onto his head. He reached for his Machete Gladius and slid it into his waste, he then reaches for his Throwing Spears. He grabbed three of them and put them into the loops on his armor. He then walks out of his tent and sees Recruits, and Legionnaires running around. He then sees the Legate standing in front of a Legionnaire, he couldn't make out what they were saying but he guessed the Legate was angry because in a quick motion he pulled out his enormous blade and sliced the man in two. Sol smirked and walked over to him, he says "Ave true to Caesar! Hello Legate, are you ready for the assault? My men are located outside of the base ready to assault when you give the orders!" The Legate slowly looked down at him, as he was rather tall and spoke slowly "True to Caesar.. Yes my men are ready, we will assault the base when the signal flare is launched.. So I'd recommend gathering with you're men and awaiting it." Sol nodded and starts to walk towards the gate to meet his men. 

Sol looked out at his men as he opened the gate, Sol commanded 25 Legion Recruits, and 30 Legionnaires. As he walked out all the troops stood up and shouted at the same time "True to Caesar!" Sol held up his right hand to shush them, then he spoke "Brothers, we are assaulting the NCR's most defended position in the Mojave, other than Camp McCarren. We will assault from the main entrance at the bridge, while the Legate assaults from the underground pipes inside of the base. As we draw the main amount of attention they will be completely unaware of what awaits them inside of the Dam. Get ready to move out! We charge when the signal flare is launched to the East!" All the soldiers grabbed their gear and got ready to move out. Sol was in front of the group, ready to run. 

The flare was launched into the air. Sol and his men started running. They moved as water in a busy river. In a matter of moments they reached the first NCR Troopers. They didn't know what hit them. Sol ran up to the closest one and sliced his head clean off. The other Troopers turned with a look of fear, they had no time to react, they were overwhelmed before a shot could even be fired off. The soldiers continued running towards the entrance of the Dam. When they reach the entrance, they are met with a group of NCR Rangers. Again, Sol runs up to the closest one and slices his head clean off. The other Rangers turn and see the horde of Legion assaulting them. They open fire, hitting a few of the targets before they are slaughtered. They start to push into the Dam itself as Rangers, and Troopers open fire on them. The NCR brings out their Power-Armored units. These units wear Power Armor from the Brotherhood of Steel that is scrapped down so it is able to be worn by normal soldiers. They come out with Super Sledges and charge the ranks. One of the Power-Armored soldiers swing with the Super sledge, Sol  slides around him and slices both of his arms off in a quick motion. The soldier falls to his knees, Sol then kicked the man to the ground. As Sol is suffering heavy losses, they push into the Rangers and Troopers. People are fighting all around Sol as he slices down Rangers and Troopers alike. They finally reach the main building of the Dam. They bust down the door to a surprise.

Sol is the first one in the door, he sees an NCR Officer, as the door busts open she looks at Sol. She drops some sort of device and starts to run. Two Rangers open fire on Sol and his men. He gets hit in the arm, but he doesn't know it yet. He runs towards them, and slides across the main office desk. He slams into on of the Rangers and lands on top of him. He smashes him Gladius into his head, he attempts to pull it out but it seems to be stuck in the ground. He looks over as the Ranger is about to fire, Sol goes to move out of the way, but he never hears a shot. He looks back at the Ranger and sees the Legate standing there. The Ranger lies on the floor slices in two at the waist. Sol stands up, he puts his foot on the Ranger's head and pulls out his Gladius. The Legate looks at him and says "Sol, we have taken the lower parts of the Dam and we captured this women Officer. I have two Legionaries holding her in her Office, she was typing something into her terminal when we got her." Sol replied "I believe I saw her when I came in, she took off running. What a worthless coward dog. She dropped some sort of device, let me see if I can locate it." He then started looking around the ground. He located the device under the desk, he reaches and grabs it. He pulls it up to his face and notices its a trigger. He held it up so the Legate could see it. He holds his hand out so the Legate could grab it. He grabs the device and says "It looks like a detonation device. Maybe they've rigged the place to blow. I don't know why she'd leave it here. May-" 

Then it happened. An explosion occurred. Sol was knocked off of his feet, he smashed into the wall getting knocked unconscious. He awoke moments later, he slowly staggered up and saw the Legate on the ground. Sol walked up to him and knelled down towards him. He appeared to be unconscious. Sol looked around and saw dead Recruits and Legionaries on the ground around him. He grabbed the Legate and started to drag him out of the base, as he got outside he looked at the middle of the Dam. It was blown in half, Sol couldn't believe his eyes. He thought to himself "How in the hell could they blow up the Dam!" He continued to drag him towards the entrance, a few Recruits came around the corner. Sol yelled up to them "Hey you! Recruits! Get down here and help me!" The Recruits looked down at him, and started to run. They reach Sol and the Legate. Two of them grab the Legate and start to drag him out, while the other stays with Sol. Sol and the Recruit start to jog out of the Dam as they hear slight explosions behind them.     

© 2014 Benjamin_Anderson

Author's Note

This is the 2nd part to the Sol story. What do you think so far? I'm really inspired to keep typing this.

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Added on May 7, 2014
Last Updated on May 7, 2014
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Hey everyone, I'm Ben and I'm a 16 year old writer! I write stories mainly Fallout related, but every now and then I will do a future story. I only do Military & War stories as of right now, but I wil.. more..