A Poem by bkyabrwts

The demon

It grew inside

She didn’t know it was there

That it was eating her alive

Like a parasite it grew

‘til the little girl died

Innocence taken

In some other mans spite

And the evil grew deeper

And ate her inside

Her sadness became her darkness

And gave naissance

To her fresh sense of

What it was

And what it is

To be living in this life

One thriving

On sickness

And serving her well

How to Survive

With coldness she drew

In her victims

On which she would now live

As the greatest parasite

A demon through a demon

Like mirrors through life

Comical head f**k sufficient

To twist up even Satan’s foresight

But she loved it

Always knowing

Her badness sparkling

Through her sweet talking eyes

So she burnt up the vessel

In which she did reside

Secretly conscious

With a supercilious pride

That this body lay of

Diminutive importance in her spiritual life

Like demonic knowledge

Departed by his fallen bride

The girl grows greater

And the girl grows wise

Flourished with goodness

She is truth but breathes lies

A power to heal

And a penchant

To then fashion your demise

So beware of the Gemini!

Who is well traversed

In darkness

For her vanity

And her intelligence

Can tear your heart deeper

Than any flesh

Could ever fall

From your rusty blunt knives

- [ ]

© 2017 bkyabrwts

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Added on September 30, 2017
Last Updated on September 30, 2017
Tags: Poetry, dark, deep, relective, insidios, writing, abuse, cathartic, soul, searching



Bristol, United Kingdom

Becky, I like to write, definately not qualified to post myself as a writer, short sharp shocking sentences, expression of when I'm hurting or angry, sometimes just for effect, no real substance, some.. more..