A Poem by BLitZeD

Azrael is here, the arcane mage
lions in the cage , eaten up by his flames
engulfed hes enraged, no main on this page
insane on this page, beepers beat on page, 
rain, down pour,main stream,whos w***e, <=krep=>my dame 
sittin here i kept my fame, didnt think you'd catch my name
like a chore i put in work, got paid, dirt my aim 
cough that purp, blame it on the body, let the hydro squirt, 
oxys let me blurt, red eyes, blunt blowing, yea im burnt
Annunaki reverts,rehearse the rebirth, re-murk a remake, re-treat a new verse 
retreat maneuvers, new coffin, new hurse 
re-seam the loops and ravage the new nurse
im savage, im dead,..that Lazarus effect
 catastrophic decent, 
Gotham's  Bad-man so Batman repents
resurrection clouded, joker serious, hells scent 
same ship, still sunk,
 same trunk, still bump
same pill, ill bump, 
same kill, new dump
same brain, no f***s,
 i dont give not one
no pain, all gain,
 no feeling, no shame 
my fault , your blame, 
old story, new flame 
disastrous when i wreck, put on blast for this mess
grieving with the reaper, i got masks for this s**t
untill the end 
calm seas,
 see the Kracken sleeps
robbing goblins,
 cant stop um,
 f**k it drop the bombs, 
Vietnam um 
watch as the Kracken feeds

© 2015 BLitZeD

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I love the creativity behind this piece and the words.. For some reason I could see this poem as a rap song, I hope it is okay that I wrote that..

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on June 11, 2015
Last Updated on June 11, 2015



New Jersey Devil, FL

i give them the plans i drew up with thoughts methodically calculated and so intricately placed , every outcome was accounted for and algebraically related. f*****g statistically graced, like .. more..

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