A Poem by BLitZeD


hey Blitz, do you have Instagram?
nah fam, no need im a simple man
im high heat, just have instant grams
ashes to ashes until im ash, thats the plan
im like glass to grains of sand
i dont want fans or need you to understand
i write for me 
and post for those in need
thats who the f**k i am
 a man fam I f*****g stand indeed
who the f**k are you though?
 you are no f*****g family to me

the ones who read to find an escape
so i help them escape the best way i can,

i give them the plans i drew up with 
thoughts methodically calculated
and so intricately placed 

 every outcome was accounted for and algebraically  related. statistically gaced, like i was an accountant whos gada be at least 28 grams related to two ounce of laced,
 a situation prepared for
long ago by a lion when he needed the same. That's the cubs bail money he saved, to get the f**k up out this drug game

When they escape the pain, 
ill draw the same map etched into glass 
and when that same pane breaks 
they will be set free at last
once again to see the grass, 
as their head clears wont fear the past
and be able to see, that lifes not just about Alcatraz, 
yet i broke out 
i smashed the path in the middle of the sea
im out yeah passing bass

and no matter their fears they dont have to go back, 
but why live in fear of the evil that you escaped from? 
i know your stronger then that, 
im a true villan as a matter of fact,
so the evil you fear is the same as the light you seen through the hopeless black, 
fact of matter the real one you should fear 
is the one who drew you that map
the one who helped you escape from where you came from 
is the same one.. BLitZ3D guy, This guy right here

what where you running from anyway? 

from everyday life
 or just to pass time?
from bad guys, or are guys in bad times?
Girls getting screwed, or screwed by girls?
addicted to drugs or selling drugs addicts to addicted to you
we all share the same world, 
its all rubber and glue,
 so for those who are listening,
this is my escape, 
the way i cope with the food sitting on my plate,
if only one person ever reads and relates, 
helps them understand their not the first at Hells gate,
then it was worth it,
 because they can see destiny 
is not the same as fate,
today or years past,
 before or after i feed the grass,
I was their a few time, and they know 
their is many paths back,
 because of a rap or a poem written 
some one who embodies Pac and Poe
wrote about it and laughed
claiming their is light in the darkness
and the darkness is mass
the lion is king although the lesser of evils
yet the lion still fights, 
he climbs in the ring 
to stand for whats right, 
instead of surviving,
AZRAEL says f**k it ,
 im better off dying 
bring these mother fuckers , 
Id like to see them try met
i'll droppthem all dead in a f*****g line G
where the f***s that lying lion
 that son of a b***h sniffed my line and 
oh it was you mother f*****g BLitZ3D the High man
Omega time , iv'e already reached the skyrim
we'll go down as one, were all behind him

what more can a BLitZ3D man ask
A man named BLitZ3D, 
Ghost writer of the past
F*****g sign him
f***s with me 

© 2017 BLitZeD

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F*****G ACE! Loved this through and through, love the theme, the beat, the lyrics, love it all. I adore the feeling of independence and breaking free from both others and the limitations of our own minds. Awesome work man, much love to you XxXx

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Dope! Fierce, hard verse. Lots of social commentary and the vibe is solid.

'Embodies Pac and Poe' I dig that. Regards Rach

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

ty much .

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New Jersey Devil, FL

i give them the plans i drew up with thoughts methodically calculated and so intricately placed , every outcome was accounted for and algebraically related. f*****g statistically graced, like .. more..

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