A Poem by BLitZeD

i want to write to get my head right , but to come back once again would put blitz3d in radars sight, blades sharp but dark in skis of nite most of all to one who claims a dark knight. ;) exorcism2 more days till my relapse old habits scar and rehash a way of lifee i cant see stabbed, trapped in the way i trap what im good at f**k a medal ill take the easy way back to stach a stack , fact . rhyme my way back to multi plans of attack , coded n folded cans to take snakes n profit on a old a*s repack. BLitZ3D. thats me in a struggle to see which if an personality comes back to relaapes, weak a*s rhymes cuz im reminded or the skies i onced seen gash .... i can still do wat i did rhyme streets flip push im blitz3d i just dont know who the f**k this kid blitz3d is, naaaa i do ... to a T on point loyalty he once knew, but noow .... f**k you f**k rhymes poetry and the lit one you once knew. i might disperse a new leaf i could keep but then again ....pppssshhh,.... star star -BLITZ3D- star B3ast...... honestly cocky confidence aside, im struggling with life choices.  took a vacation to clear my head.....if this is the last i write on here, i thank in the most respective way all that supported me,,, but sadly ......everything  i wrote was truth....always has been.... im getting old guys... might be my time soon... who knows.... or i might revert and come back cockyier <-not a word"" then ever.... havent decided,,,, but lifes crazy  like that ya know... reach for the stars untill you dont come back....eventualy you wont ...that just mans you made it , writeriteright? - truly, thank you all either way.

© 2017 BLitZeD

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Added on July 9, 2017
Last Updated on July 9, 2017



New Jersey Devil, FL

i give them the plans i drew up with thoughts methodically calculated and so intricately placed , every outcome was accounted for and algebraically related. f*****g statistically graced, like .. more..

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