A Poem by thegirlthatwrites

We're zero to sixty
In a heartbeat
With the kind of love
That dares you
To put your life
In the hands of another
That you know better
Than to really trust
To let your soul
Rend and twist
And break and shatter
All the while
Remaining unseen
Because it's our bodies
Here on earth
And where our souls are
No one knows
But we can feel the pain
On this solid ground
And it feels like
Being torn
From the inside out
And the way the knife
Got in
No one really ever knows
Until its pierced
Right through your soul
With the delicacy of a flower
Yet I still let you
Try to heal me
Because I can't seem
To let you go
And in a million years
I won't leave you
And in a million years
I couldn't give you up
Yes I know
That sounded
Like some s****y song lyric
But I'd sing every s****y song
For you
Because we're
Zero to sixty in a heartbeat
Sixty to zero in the next
And when I crash
Through the windshield
I hope you see
The way
My bones crack
And the blood
I spilt for you
Forget crimson
It's golden
Because you made me feel
Like a goddess
Like a queen
Like more than I
Could ever f*****g be
And may you see
Just how broken
Every Goddamn inch
Of me can be
And I don't need
Any analogies
About being porcelain
Or made of glass
I'm only human
That's all I need
To prove to you my fragility
So don't be surprised
When on my headstone
The epitaph
It reads your name
You're the first one
I ever hated
And the last one
I'll ever love
So don't you worry
My dearest darling
When you cry
Upon my gravestone
You'll only hear
Quiet laughter
From six feet under

© 2014 thegirlthatwrites

Author's Note

I've never really written slam, so I hope this isn't too bad. If this can be classified as slam.

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this was really fast and good and just really good

Posted 4 Years Ago

You did a good job writing this, kinda gave me the chills at the end. Very cool!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on March 28, 2014
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I just really like to write, and there's not much else to it. more..


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