Frauds Commited By Dr Rajendra Kamat & Dr Kannan Vishwanatth[Rupus Global]

Frauds Commited By Dr Rajendra Kamat & Dr Kannan Vishwanatth[Rupus Global]

A Story by Faz Han

Dr Kannan[Rupus Global Limited] has been assisted by his father, Mr Kasi Vishwanathan. Dr Rajendra Kamat, ex Non Executive Chairman.


Article assisted by Lt Commander Joginder Pal Kanaujia

Dr Kannan Vishwanatth[Founder of Rupus Global Limited] along with his father Sh Kashi Vishwanath, as MD of Dr Datson Labs, Mumbai based listed company has cheated our country and thousands of shareholders by siphoning off around Rs 300 Cr of Dr Datson Labs and indulging in many other frauds which are as follows :-

Prof. Dr  Kannan Vishwanatth

FRAUDS Committed by Prof Dr  Kannan  Vishwanatth, ex MD of Dr Datson Labs Ltd, former name Aanjaneya Lifecare Limited ( herein after referred as DDL ), Mumbai based listed company. (India), are as follows, though I could detect only three but there could be more :-

(1)   Fraud No. 1.

DDL had 15 patents which Dr Kannan got registered with Controller General of Patents, however, only 12 were registered in the name of DDL rest three were registered jointly in his name and his father Mr Kashi Vishwanathan, though these were intellectual property of DDL. List of registration of these patents is attached.

(2)   Fraud No. 2

(a)    In 2011 / 2012 it was decided by him to buy Apex Drugs, Hyderabad based unlisted company for DDL for an amount of Rs 250 Cr by taking loans from Banks and as approved by them as per Dr Kannan. He paid an amount Rs 80 Cr by cheque as advance to Apex Drugs and further gave them Rs 50 Cr worth of DDL shares. Later it was stated that that deal was cancelled as banks backed out. Till date there were no efforts made by him to retrieve this amount from Apex Drugs, may be because of his personal interest. My request is that Rs 130 Cr with interest be retrieved from Apex Drugs and credited in the a/c of DDL.

(b)   Details of Apex Drugs is:
(i) Mr Ghanshyam Kurmi �" Managing Director
(ii) Mr.Ravi Gangapalli �"Chief Operating Officer and
(iii) Mr. Sandeep Kumar Verma �" Director

(3)   Fraud No. 3

(a)  Fair Success (HK) based at Hong Kong was incorporated in 2012. I have not been able to find out who was its promoter, it appears he was close associate / relative of Dr Kannan.

(b)   In 2013 it was bought by Dr Kannan for DDL for a sum of Rs 250 cr, proceeds of first FCCB, In reply to my mail DDL office intimated me that it has been bought because of 15 patents Fair Success ( HK ) had. It started operating as 100 % subsidiary of DDL wef 29 July 2013.

(c)  On further scrutiny of patents it was fond that these patents were same which belonged to DDL. That means these were sold to Fair Success (HK) before it was bought by DDL. For how much amount Dr Kannan sold these patents is mystery but estimated amount could be around Rs 250 to 300 Cr. This amount was not credited in  the a/cs of DDL and hence siphoned off, could be in his / his relative / close associate  account abroad. A very serious fraud and needs further investigation. Again my request is that this amount be retrieved and credited in DDL’s a/cs.

In these frauds Dr Kannan has been assisted by his father, Mr Kashi Vishwanath.  Dr Rajendra Kamat, ex Non Exe Chairman, CFO and Company Secy were aware of it by virtue of their

(4) Fraud No. 4

May 06, 2011 �" Aanjaneya Lifecare entered into the capital market with an IPO of 50,00,000 equity shares. Issue Price: Rs. 234 Per Equity Share, Issue Size: Rs. 117.00 Crore. Aanjaneya Lifecare was subsequently named as Dr Datson Labs Ltd. It is alleged that Dr Kannan Vishwanath misused some of this money.

(5) Fraud No. 5.

As per Annual Report FY 2013 �" 14, Dr Datson Labs had two world class R&D Centres at Mangalore and Bangalore. Subsequently what has happened to them is not know. Have they been sold and if yes where is the money from its proceeds?

(6) Fraud No. 6.

Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd, Aanjaneya House, Plot 34, Postal Colony, Chembur, Mumbai  400 071, Maharashtra, India. Phone: +9122 2526 4500 Fax: +9122 2522 3521 i.e. Dr Datsons office was alleged to be fraudulently registered by Prof. Dr Kannan Vishwanatth on his name using backdated stamp paper wef 2011 and in Jun 2015 it was transferred on his father / mother’s name.

(7) Fraud No 7.

(a) Dr Kannan Viswanath has started (backdated) Hong Kong base company Windsonn Exim Limited. Its board members as per its site are, (i) Dr Kannan Viswanath MD, (ii) Mr Arthure Kibble, based at UK, (iii) Dr. Rajendra Kamat, and (iv) Ing Alex Eens (President).

Patents belonging to Dr Datson Labs are shown as belonging to Windsonn Exim Limited also. Is it possible for two companies to hold same 15 patents

(b) Various address give are as follows :-
(i) WINDSONN EXIM LIMITED �" HONG KING, Office : 903, 9/F Dannies House, 20 Luard Road, Wanchai , Hong Kong SAR, Phone no. : +85221159251 Fax : +85221159251

(ii) WINDSONN EXIM PVT LTD �" INDIA, Corporate Office : Matruchaya, Plot No 34, Postal Colony, Chembur, Mumbai 400071 India, Phone no. : +91 22 25243678 / 25270017 Fax : + 91 22 25262890 and
(iii) R & D CENTRE & WAREHOUSE, Windsonn House, Plot No W-91D, MIDC Taloja -401208 Raigad Dist Maharashtra State India Phone no. : +91 22 27402223, Fax : +91-22-27411837 Address at sr (ii) and (iii) belong to Dr Datson Labs Mr Arthure Kibble, based at UK appears to be an Advocate Mr ARTURO A. KIBBLE who has appeared many times in Bombay HC in the matters of Dr Dason Labs Ltd

In these frauds Dr Kannan has been assisted by his father, Mr Kasi Vishwanathan. Dr Rajendra Kamat, ex Non Executive Chairman, CFO and Company Sect were aware of it by virtue of their posts. Also Mr Kishore Iyengar, a close confidant of Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is alleged to have been deeply associated in all the fraudulent activities of Dr Kannan Vishwanath.

© 2023 Faz Han

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that's serious fruad played mate.

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