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The Amazing Things

The Amazing Things

A Stage Play by lots fo love ♥

Lights dim

Scene 1

Curtian opens to a scene which portrays a young girl, Baily(b), asleep in her room. Her mother, Cassandra(c), walks in

c: Baily? Wake up honey, time for breakfast. (walks to the window and opens the curtins. lights go on.)

b: Humph. (curls back up in a ball.)

c: come on now. Today is thet day you get your new horse.

b:(jumps straight out of bed)Be down in a minute!

c:(laughing)Ok, see you then.(exits stage

b:(scrambles about trying to get ready fast enough completly oblivious to the face in the window as it unlaches it.)

mysirious person:(climbs in the now open window, taker out a scarf and ties it around the now struggaling Baily)

b: (tries to scream but gets hit in teh head.)

mp:(climbs back out the window with the uncointious Baily.exits stage right)

c:(comes back in from sl) Baily? Baily? Baily where are you?!(very panicked, runs back out sl)




© 2008 lots fo love ♥

Author's Note

lots fo love ♥
still in progress! this is just the begining! please do not review it!

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you no what review it please!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 10, 2008


lots fo love ♥
lots fo love ♥


uuh i like neon colors, skinny jeans, photography, guys with long eyelashes, black hair, ipod, s green monsters, daydreamin, tyedye jeans, nerdy glasses, black and white pictures, scary movies, black .. more..