Dark VS Light- A 2018 Political Realty Check

Dark VS Light- A 2018 Political Realty Check

A Story by Brenda Alicia

Martin Luther King Jr. said, Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that


2016 was the year of craziness and an overwhelming amount of Americans refused to partake in what we/they call A Flawed Political System

I mean come on, how else would we have seen the rise of Donald J. Trump?

The Republican President candidly talks about conspiracies, from the infamous Obama birth question to Ted Cruz’s father being involved in the JFK assassination; Donald Trump loves to embrace these crazy notions.

But personally, my favorite would have to be #draintheswamp, referring to the countless bought politicians that have been dictating our legislator for the past- God- knows-how-long.

But The United States of America resonates with hearts and souls worldwide! Our land is free! Our laws are just! And the concept we base our government on is perfect!  


The United States was MEANT TO BE a democracy, where the people vote directly on laws but we know that to be untrue being as we elect officials to “represent” us to vote on laws.

So, the United States is actually a Republic; hence the mention to bought representatives working for their betterment compared to the peoples’.  

Politics is seen everywhere from education to the economy- almost everything is controlled by a bureaucratic entity but there are different approaches on how to regulate the different assets of society; thats where different forms of government come into play.

Since the beginning of time, these different forms of government were means used to control newly  established city-states that then evolved into empires to what we know now to be as sovereign nations on the global platform.

If one can understand history- then you can navigate through politics; but history itself is subjective as many say History is written by the Victors.Take for example the Civil War, when taught in the North, we learn of an aggressive South who refused to end slavery, whereas in the South, the North is depicted as a jealous neighbor that ruined the Souths way of life by infringing on State’s rights.

So, if history is written by the victors- what is politics if not a game played by the select few. The ones that have the means, “money” and the capability “power” to instill their ideals compared to the peoples’.

The United States was meant to be the exception, an exceptional land built by exceptional people but the over-establishment of power and money has Trumped our idealistic vision.

So, what will be our history? Will we the people finally assume the position as the victors? Many believe Donald Trump embodies that very idea…

The president has waged war, spiritual war. He demands “respect” whereas we were taught that respect is never demanded. Respect is earned and Respect is given. The platform that President Donald Trump stands on is one riddled with riddles. He has managed to rationalize every obscure thought he deemed appropriate to share with the American People.

Some people have found solace in these thoughts, they are known as the silent majority. Now, I won’t categorize Trump supporters into any group but that, Trump Supporters. They all aren’t the same but they are all Trump Supporters. They must have something in common, right?

Yes, and that is irrevocable passion that has been ignited in them, one that they cannot differentiate nor deny and their only qualms are with the unstable structure of our government. They truly believe President Donald Trump will break those chains.

But the cheap dream you were sold that President Trump will break the chains is a false one. He will not achieve what he cannot spiritually attain; with anger, lies and fear one cannot break away from anger, lies and fear. Just as Martin Luther King Jr. said, Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

There will always be an unattainable truth that we, the people, will never be able to comprehend, because that is exactly what we are; We are the people, that was always and will always be under control. No, we are not slaves but there will always be injustices that break our spirits… it is a reminder that we are not that perfect democracy our founding fathers sought out for us to be...

Now, this isn’t meant to instill fear but rather to incite passions because it is the American Dream to be able to pursue, without fear, “what sets your soul on fire.”  Let these passions have stemmed ideas that are universal; compassion, patience, honesty and conviction. We must be able, as a people, to unite our causes and fight for deliverance for our political sustainable future.

Chase the light while you still can.

© 2018 Brenda Alicia

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When I was a child, I observed that, if a door to a lighted room is left ajar, the light comes out into the dark hallway.
The opposite is not only not true, it is not even possible.
Light, I saw, was stronger than darkness.
I am no Trump supporter; perish the thought! I am, however, married to one and am constantly marveling at the devotion he feels towards this shameless con man.
I look forward to the extinguishing of this present darkness.

Posted 2 Years Ago

the problems in america goes much farther than donald trump being at the helm .
you mentioned good and evil,and actually the swamp is being drained.
and yes we are slaves in a sorts,and we gave the o k to be so

you have freedom,justice,medical benefits if you have that money

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Brenda Alicia
Brenda Alicia


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