A Story by Brenda Alicia

Do you travel for love or for heartbreak?

I traveled often,
It was rare I never met anyone along the way.
The comfort of knowing we shared the same passion of exploring different parts of reality, was pleasant.
But I could never escape pain.

There is no denying that people dared to explore new heights due to heartbreak,
And you could never escape the pending demise it was to feel what they were feeling.
They always carried an air of liability;
And when you're exposed to this peculiar reaction, sharing heartbreak with a stranger;
It stays with you and the memory of it pierces your thoughts throughout the day.

But what triggers this trip down memory lane?
Was this emotion communicated to every nerve in my body real?
Of course it had been,
Because as much as you want to push emotions away,
You can never disguise pain in eyes.

Some would say, that there is heartbreak worth feeling,
Worth sharing.
Because heartbreak is inevitable.
It makes you feel normal knowing that you're not alone;
that we all feel heartbreak too.
Yet we remain alive, but if you allow this memory to remain a constant in your life;
that is when you become a liability.
Heartbreak should not burden our souls.

I traveled, often, but not to escape heartbreak but to find only it's counterpart-
True love. 
I couldn't explain to you this particular reaction, it's been attempted so many times before. 

But they best way I can describe it? Is a smile.
Whether it be yours or theirs, love starts with a smile.

Love has always dominated our beings and it's why we're here today.
Love for our families and Love for ourselves. It's what drives people to leave their stationary place in this world to explore new ones.

I traveled often, I love to explore,
For smiles that sooth my soul. 

© 2019 Brenda Alicia

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Added on June 4, 2019
Last Updated on June 4, 2019
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Brenda Alicia
Brenda Alicia


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