A Poem by Kaylee Andurs

Wrote this during a difficult time in my life.



It is to my sorrow that I am so weak. 

It is to my shame that I bare these things.

How is it dear Lord that my weakness can be made strong? 

How are my wounds to heal? 

Seeing that my wounds are sore and deep and I suffered much because of them.

How is it that I am able to bare these things, if not through the hands of your love?

I cling to thee dear Lord that I might not fall again, that I might gain strength from thee. 

Yet in my weakness it is all I can do to barely hold on. 

I feel myself slipping away from you from time to time and as the darkness starts to in fold me.
I feel Your tender hand grasp mine and lift me from its folds. 
Who am I that you should care? 
What man would give his life to save another? 
You smile and wipe my brow. 
You are my brother you are my sister.
Who would not give his life to save a brother or a sister? 
What mother or father would not save their children from death and disease if they had the power to do so?
Love is the power to do these things. 
Love is the treasures that joy brings. 
Love is the power to save all things. 
No greater sow of love is there than lifting another from despair and offering his burden to share. 
To speak to him kind words that care. 
Tell him God is waiting there to lift his burden of despair and give to him, His loving care if he would only kneel in prayer.


© 2009 Kaylee Andurs

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Wow! I so loved this
I love reading writes that are inspirational
Anything about God or in refernce to.
This is amazing and profound indeed.
I like this alot.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow. That's really profound, and a touching dedication to overcoming hardship, and being stronger because of it. No complaints here! Wonderful job :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow a true tribute to hardship.. and honestly that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger (and wiser!). Life is very rocky at times.. while you show appreciation for having this power given to you by god.. I believe it is you pulling through.. god merely gives you the strength, ability to adapt and assess and makes people able to learn just about anything. Some people say people can not change.. I do not believe that for a moment.. the hardest lessons learned usually have some affect! Sometimes we have split seconds or minutes to make big decisions that are life altering.. never knowing which door to choose.. how does one learn if they do not open the wrong door once in awhile? We have been given the power to choose right and wrong.. but not always a clear path or idea of what right or wrong is.. perception is based on experience.. which comes from many places. I love the honesty and appraise you give and also the feelings of humility you share.. for life and pain. Thank you so much for sharing!! =)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on July 30, 2009
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Kaylee Andurs
Kaylee Andurs

Chubbuck, ID

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