tonight and forever

tonight and forever

A Poem by burning paper planes

because i constantly feel like i need to run away.

 I just want to be able to write again.
to take words of ordinary use 
and throw them together 
patchwork like, 
and make something of a pair of wings to fly away 
and leave this place. 

pack your bags dear, let's run away. 
grab your stuff, we will leave today, 
in a haste no one will notice. 

{{let's leave our hearts behind,
to rot away with their own grime.}}


I just want to scream, 
to find a way to hold you close, 
don't leave me here alone and so far from home; 
because these roads were never kind, 
they were never ours, 
never yours, 
will never - forever- be mine 

and please just let me sleep to get away. to escape. 
not from pain but from feeling nothing 
and being so uncomfortable about being numb. 


 I just want to be with you 
and the more said about the less of that 
the better we shall find ourselves.

© 2010 burning paper planes

Author's Note

burning paper planes
it is all intentional. except spelling, i cannot spell to save my life. sorry.

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Added on July 15, 2010
Last Updated on July 15, 2010


burning paper planes
burning paper planes

Preston, Lancs, United Kingdom

i've been told my words are beautiful i've been told that they make people cry therefore id like you to read something and give a second to tell me why thankyou more..