Life And How It Can Go Down (Part1)

Life And How It Can Go Down (Part1)

A Story by Callum Mcleavy

Some people maybe be able to relate to this song. I am sorry if you have experienced anything like this x

My parents was abusive so id revert to my music,
Now i bet they wish that it wasnt like this because their sons aint this exclusive,
Ive abused it in so many way to erase s**t of my chest,
But now you've got so used to it you see me as the best,
But don't think that im blessed,
Id rather just be lyricless,
No fucked up life,
No family fights,
Just Living in the dark and mist,
No riddle to this,
Its obvious,
Dont think that this is cockiness,
You people believe that you know me when really you havent got the foggiest,
Dont you fuckers dare to judge me till you any size they call me,
Because i guarentee,
that if you was me,
You wouldnt tell the story,
You wouldnt survive a day in my life,
Abandoned and then put to side,
The pain..Yes it still resides,
But no tears in my eyes there kept inside,
I walk away to hide my tears,
Its what its been like for all these years,
My life is not how it appears,

© 2013 Callum Mcleavy

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Added on January 18, 2013
Last Updated on January 18, 2013
Tags: HATE, Dark, Life, Sad, adventure, death, depression, fantasy, fiction, heart, horror, love, magic, mystery, pain, poem, poetry, romance, story, teen, lyrics, mum, dad, cry, evil


Callum Mcleavy
Callum Mcleavy

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I really hope you will all like my lyrics, Some of them maybe be rude but its only words. more..