A Poem by Camila Arango

This is a poem I submitted into a contest for the theme of "The world would be a better place if" and I won #1 Gold


The infinitude of an unchanged cycle of unhappiness

Where the prosperous man stands within

The abundance of materialistic things

Deluges his mind into the artificiality of tangible objects 

He seeks, wants, and attains his ambitions 

But is trapped in the never ending land where

Sincere dreams and aspirations are never acquired

Where borders claim him into a void

A void where happiness is never found and life soon 

deceases to be 

The decadence of life unfolds within his soul 

The borders attaining the deterioration of hope and joy 

Ceasing him from the fruits of bliss 

He stands on the impalpable borders of limits

Borders defining the realms of inner prosperity 

The mediocre man who lives a middling life

Where the monotony of normality has engulfed him into 

The conformity of attainable ambitions 

Resulted in the continuous pattern of an average life

Having a thirst for infinite illusions

The borders restricted him from prodigious goals

  And he loses hope and ceases his pursue 

Perturbed on who he is and who he is trying to be                                

He abides within the limits of the borders

The impoverished man suffers a profusion of endeavors

He is deprived from all the burdens and oppressions

Striving to pay all his debts 

He soon finds himself on the verge of defeat

Incertitude and instability

Were the two products of the borders that were drawn upon him

He is lost in the opaque world so dense and unfathomable 

That he is defeated and lives within the abyss that borders draw upon people

Borders, an impalpable malevolence in our lives

Restricts us from reaching our utmost goals and happiness

The prosperous man is unable to attain the fruits of bliss

The borders distort the image of happiness 

And he finds himself in a never ending cycle of seeking his dream of being happy 

The mediocre man is engulfed into a monotone normality 

Created by the borders that ceased him from his pursue of infinite illusions

And the impoverished man is defeated by the incertitude and instability drawn upon him

All rotten fruits created by borders 

To improve the world we need to change ourselves as individuals

For borders weren’t created within society

But within ourselves

Borders envelop within our soul and we limit ourselves to our infinite illusions

We are like the prosperous man, the mediocre man, and the impoverished  man 

We all seek for our ultimate happiness but limit ourselves from finding it

We soon are defeated and we abide within the limits of our borders 

We become unsatisfied and we seek some alternative to our troubles

Violence, drugs, and war all stem from borders within ourselves

We inflict pain to those who haven’t been affected by their borders 

The world would be a better place if borders were nonexistent 

And sometime in the future, perhaps, in a parallel world

Borders were just a fictional idea created by humans 

Who weren’t content with themselves

© 2014 Camila Arango

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Well done for winning Gold on this. Its very well written. I love the flow of this piece & I was so interested the more I read on. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 19, 2014
Last Updated on November 19, 2014
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Camila Arango
Camila Arango

Cornelius, NC

cam // aspiring to travel the world // luv 60s french pop & swing music // avid tea drinker & history enthusiast// i put much more meaning to life than there should be more..