Not Quick Enough

Not Quick Enough

A Story by nevershoutnever.

If only this had happened >.<

     "Wait," I stuck my hand out, preventing him to walk. Beach towels hung over the railing, but I saw my front door slam through two of them and I gestured for him to run. "Okay, go!" I noticed a blur walking towards the door and I yelled, "Wesley! Come back, hurry!" He ran back up the half of my stairs he had jumped down a moment ago. He hid behind the towels, but scurried, hunched over, past them and into the bathroom, which was in a direct line from the hallway.
     "Em? What's going on up there?" My mother shouted up to me from the first floor.
      I stood up from hiding and said, "Nothing. What do you mean?"
     She raised her eye brows and rolled her eyes, then said, "There was a loud noise- oh, never mind that," a bit frustrated. "I have to run to the store. Want to come with me?" Choking out a laugh, she sighed. "Of course, let me just go to the store alone. All by myself."
     "Bye, Mom!" I yelled, with more enthusiasm than I meant. She nodded her head, then shooed me away with her hand. I bolted to the bathroom, knocked on the door three times and whispered, "It's clear now..." He came out and didn't say a word. His face had shown a glowing white and he shook his head.
     "I have to go now," Wesley muttered, "for real this time." I felt my jaw fall a little bit and I heard myself whimper. He pulled me in for a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and suffocated myself in them, while his arms were flung lazily around my waist. At first, I thought he was waiting to leave. It seemed as if he just wanted to go. I realized, then, that he wasn't in any hurry to leave. His wrap tightened and I heard him mumbled. He was crying. Of course he was going to miss me. He was going to miss all of us.
     Pulling away, I sniffled and said, "You won't forget me, right?"
     Wesley stared into my eyes and laughed. "Bells, I can never forget you." After that, he looked towards the stairs and he wiped away a single tear that fell from my eyes. "Don't cry."
     "It's hard not to."
     "For me?"
     "Anything I do now will always be for you."
     "I'll miss you, Bella," Wesley said. He then walked to the top of the stairs. It was my original plan to walk him down and out. That was too hard, though. He started to walk down and I turned around, back into my room. "Bella!" I heard him call after me. I entered the hallway.
     "What's wrong?" I asked him, nervously.
     He glanced down. In one quick movement, his hands grazed my neck and he kissed me. "I love you. I can't forget you. I never will."

© 2011 nevershoutnever.

Author's Note

You knew that was bound to happen.

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Added on July 17, 2011
Last Updated on July 25, 2011
Tags: sad, missing, leaving, love



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I started to write a big paragraph about my life, but who would read it? Emma: thirteen; unable to make decisions; curious; fidgety; OCD - maybe; loving; too caring; kind-heart; humorous; bubbly; t.. more..