The universe is my god and i am the universe

The universe is my god and i am the universe

A Poem by Ama May Cooper

We cannot deviate from our intention, 
Their is no option of failure for this mission,
The universe is my  god and I am the universe.

I'll shred this world apart just to salvage the broken pieces,
Stripping it of its shields laying bear and exposed its corruption,
Ill drag all the liars and cheats kicking and screaming into the judgement of the sun.

We must not forget our instruction,
We were sent here to learn not build permanent habitation,
The universe is my  god and i am the universe.

I am not afraid of the repercussions fearful not of a third dimensional death,
I will stand strong against all opposition even if i must walk every footstep alone,
Single handedly i will destroy the paradigm of control with my own flesh and bone.

We must remember this was never about us
Just another challenge before we return home
The universe is my god and i am the universe

I will channel the energy of those that wish us well throughout these heartless lands,
I will save every lost and forgotten soul not one shall be left behind,
Love and compassion will once again freely bathe the air of these lands.

We cannot loose focus
We must not stumble deviated by our own personal goals
The universe is my god and i am the universe

I will rebuild our salvation from the ashes of this cesspool we have created,
Erase this sickening need and desperation for money and control 
manifest a world of honest and true equality for all

We must not falter
We were once soldiers of a distant realm
The universe is my god and I am the universe


© 2015 Ama May Cooper

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Added on April 19, 2015
Last Updated on April 19, 2015


Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper

London, south west, United Kingdom

Name: Ama may cooper Current age(when joined):16 Sex: female Age now: 27 I am merely a being, treading softly on these foreign lands. I am no great individual, no wise king or beautiful temptres.. more..

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