London's hidden lies

London's hidden lies

A Poem by Ama May Cooper

Behind the glassly lies

of London's ever watchful eyes

the truth and reality of a broken city

sugar coated in blissful dreams


The real world disqusised

for childrens prying eyes

a protective seal 

on the real world


The tv's switched to kiddie colors

when the news darkness the door

the games of simple innocence

that fluctuate our world


London the most watched city

turned completely blind

to the rulers system full of twisted  tyranny

slavery and community mental imprisonment


This city of dreams

drowned in the dream world

chocking on exhaust and tobacoo fumes

livng the city life


London what has become of it

The cultural divrsity demolshied by the racism

the dark grey skys of looming rain drops

spilling over scared concrete earth 


No trees free to spread there wings

noise and light pollution stleaing natures glourious beauty

no stars about the massive expansive sky

no silent tweeting from blue birds long flown away


Wildlife depleating

the city heating cooling, changing

no seasons remane the same

Global warming tearing us into biolgical heatwaves


Reccsioon , degression

money loss, loans collapse

teh stores we love for years fall into the darkened hats

taken over by the wealthy


the poor scratch at pennys

food beggars decllyedd 

singing aimlessly on tubes and walkways

spat at and demined


Our war hero's all but forgetton

gretted with bodily fluids in lack of respect

spat on , ignored , the ignorant masses develop

grow and spawn like a virus


London brainwaashed to the lies

to the unhidden beauty before our eyes

shielding the suffering hte weak and the poor

we just dont see it anymore


walk on by our heads held high 

selfish strides along the highstreet

foot falls of the litter droppers, plant smugglers

smoking the life out of others lungs


Our children oblvious run through 

into child catchers hand

rape victims lay around

and roses on the road for where guns and blades where found


what have we done?

what has become of merry old london

were equality shall rain supreme

destroyeed demolsihed


The most watched city 

btu the most disgaredd

of all common courtsey

and love for those soon departed


London, what have we done

but paved the floors in dirty gum 

the bins over flow 

the grass grows brown 


Behind the glassly lies

of london's ever watchful eyes

the truth and reality of a brocken city

sugar coated in blissful dreams



© 2009 Ama May Cooper

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I moved out of London about 3 months ago because I was sick of the crap it dishes out. I lived in Walthamstow and it was horrible.

Very good poem, brutal in its honesty, but a brutality you welcome. I'd fix the typos (spotted a few, nothing to worry about, but it can hinder a piece) and maybe look into getting this 'out there'. Check out publishing with a local magazine. I think it's good enough!

Posted 10 Years Ago

London isn't no different them my Detroit Michigan. 21,000 people with no shelter or food. Description and story in your poem speak of how the faltering worlds had left many with a bad road to be upon. A powerful poem. Many people try to help. Numbers are just becoming hard for the shelters and food bank in the USA. Your poem tells a true and sad story of this world.

Posted 11 Years Ago

:) lol and i was thinking i was seeing things lol. As someone who just moved 2 london this is exactly what i think of london. And was there rhyme there cappi!!!?? Lol bril lol

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper

London, south west, United Kingdom

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A Story by Ama May Cooper

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A Story by Ama May Cooper

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