Anthem for Abbott's Australia

Anthem for Abbott's Australia

A Poem by Catherine G

I can't bear to sing my national anthem at the moment, so I wrote some new words. Listen here:


Australians, let us hang our heads and weep in rage and shame
at what the Abbott Government is doing in our name.
Our land abounds with nature's gifts we're failing to protect.
Go see the Reef while you still can, coz soon it will be wrecked.
Yes coal is "good" and science is "crap" the last time Tony checked.

"No cuts to education, ABC or SBS.
No cuts to health, no pensioners will be receiving less."
But these were empty promises, the budget made it clear,
our most vulnerable citizens are on their own this year.
But if they own a mine or two they've got nothing to fear.

Australia was "unsettled" before 1788,
and our defining moment? Well, that was "the First Fleet", mate.
Indigenous Australians are all doing a slow clap,
with 500 million dollars less, how can we close the gap?
No 3 day photo opportunity can make up for this crap.

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross we've closed our hearts and hands.
"No way", we say, "You will not make your home in this fair land."
For those who've come across the sea, we have a plan for you:
We'll pack you up and ship you off to Manus or Nauru.
And we don't care what happens there, we've washed our hands of you.

Whip up fear to win more votes? Team Australia says "Yes!",
while snooping on its citizens and stifling the press.
Our so-called opposition continues to flabbergast...
It's too late to oppose a bill after it has past!
(and to sum up)
In history's page I hope this stage will soon be in the past.

© 2014 Catherine G

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Added on November 9, 2014
Last Updated on November 9, 2014
Tags: Australia, anthem, environment, indigenous, asylum seeker


Catherine G
Catherine G


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