First Edition In The Keys

First Edition In The Keys

A Poem by Marie Harrison

This is a fantasy poem from a word bank poem that I wrote.


First Edition In The Keys

Swinging happily in the bright sunshine,

I’m First Edition,

the crazed mystery monkey

running loose and free in South Florida.

They talk about me and my childish pranks

on the news on TV each night.


Taking note of how busy I’ve been

throwing my poop on people’s boats and

drinking all of the beer in their

ice chests while their boats are

docked on the inlet because they are

eating dinner at a restaurant on the cove.


From limb to limb in the Everglades,

I travel with the use of my long tail,

my skinny arms,

and my noble courage.


All of the smiling gators,

bright green iguanas

and the colorful parrots,

along Alligator Alley get tickled at me,

as I look through binoculars of banana yellow

that swing from my long neck.


Their shared laughter escalates,

as I squint and struggle to see through them,

That sound of laughter is quite remarkable,

when heard in unison to the key of B flat.


The chatter of yellow spotted bullfrogs,

black locusts and lime green crickets,

rings in my ears.


They smile and lazily watch me beat my chest,

over my blue ribbon yesterdays when

the sun behind the morning hills rose.


Back then my green meadow of dreams

consisted of eating indian fry bread

and watching the sunset as

the feather dressed, face painted chief

led an ancient tribal dance.


When the coyote calls

from the rocky cliffs of New Mexico,

where I was the coolest monkey to every swing from my tail

in the poorly attended Eye Of The Eagle Zoo in Taos.


Who would go out of their way to see

exotic animals in Taos, New Mexico?

That’s where rich hippies roam around smoking

wacky weed and buying expensive southwestern art

and silver jewelry that’s made in India or China.


As I try to make my way to Key Largo,

I stop to see my reflection in the muddy water,

where the mangrove trees grow tall and wide.

I see hope in the mirror of the muddy water.


The blue herons strut by me as I see my reflection,

like sand pipers on their tip toes,

we all look up at the sky as we

hear the distant thunder.


The three clouds that we see,

each one represents the following:

checks, cash and credit cards.


The flock of tall thin birds reassures me,

they will each remain a friend

above price to me always.

They’ve never been

a two-faced crew before.


Brave creatures stick

together in the Florida Keys,

to keep away from those tongue

wagging, sneaky, and

hungry Florida gators.


King Teebow leads the gators

and wears his golden crown

proudly in the mangroves

of the Keys.





© 2010 Marie Harrison

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Added on June 18, 2010
Last Updated on June 18, 2010
Tags: Fantasy, Animals, Fun


Marie Harrison
Marie Harrison

Atlanta, GA

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