Carpe Diem At The Park

Carpe Diem At The Park

A Poem by Marie Harrison

A poem about two little girls and their adventures at the park.


Carpe Diem At The Park

Whirling colors of purple and gold spin round and round,
as they blur into one, my stomach starts to turn.
With Theresa's encouragement, finally I learn to leap
off of the merry-go-round without stopping.
I savor the taste of success, as I secretly choke down
my vomit.
Running in the hot white sand with our bare feet, my
friend and I head next to the red, white and blue
towering rocket ship.  Climbing the steep stairs until
we reach the top and looking out before taking a frightful
plunge down it's long slide.  Since Carpe Diem is
always are motto, we plop our chubby butts on the
slide and scream all the way down.  Screaming mostly
because the hot slide was scalding our asses
all of the way down.
Hearing the blaring sound of "High-Ho-Cherrio" spewing
from the ice cream truck.  We race each other
to the purple-bedazzled truck with a huge rainbow
snowball on top. It's always packed with every frozen
delight imaginable to our seven year-old hearts.
Theresa orders an orange push-pop with Fred
Flinestone smiling at her and I get a rocket pop
because it looks just like what we just slid down.
While eating our cold cream pops, we
head over to the monkey pits to
check out our red-butt monkey
friends.  As we throw pebbles at
them and make faces at them,
they start to make funny faces
too.  Sometimes, they throw
their poop at us and jump up
and down screaming while pointing
back at us.  Luckily not today.
Finally, we head for the park
pool and jump in for we
already have our bathing
suits on. 
After walking several times across
the pool doing hand stands and having 
several trials of who can hold their breath
the longest or who can do the most amount
of flips in a row with one breath, we decide
to conquer the diving boards next.
Once we had gone through performing
several perfect swan dives and cannon balls,
we muster up the courage to do our first ever
jump for both of us from the high dive board.
We start repeatedly begging the handsome
muscular lifeguard, if we can both do a simple
jump together from the high dive, that it would just
mean the world to us.
While constantly batting our eyes at him, we explain
in our most pathetic voices that we only want to jump
together because Theresa only has days to live.  Very
soon, she'll die of a horrible kissing disease. Finally, he
surrenders by blowing his whistle and has everyone exit
the pool for a 5 minute break.
Then he tells us we can quickly make our once in a lifetime jump,
but to leave him alone after that.  He was a little testy with us,
the heat must be getting to him!
We both climb up to the very top and make our way to the very
end of the board, with our hearts about to beat out of our chests.
We both grab each other's inside hands, as previously
planned and cross our fingers with the remaining hand.
Finally taking our journey of courage as one unit, by boldy
leaping into the air and off of the board together, while kicking
our feet and screaming our lungs out all of the way down.
Even though we had to lie our butt's off to that poor sucker of
a lifeguard, it was the perfect ending to the last summer day
at the park together before school begins.

© 2010 Marie Harrison

Author's Note

Marie Harrison
This is a story poem. It's an account of an adventurous day my friend and I had at the park when we were little. It's a story of friendship.

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Excellent stroy in the lines of poem!well done keep writing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Marie Harrison
Marie Harrison

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