The Monster Within

The Monster Within

A Story by Cj love

Then I came to my senses, I threw myself back into the old oak tree behind me. 'God what have I done'? I asked myself. I fought the monster back, then ran home.


It was a dark cold lonely night for being the middle of July, The rest of my family went out. We argued about me going with them, but I have a hard enough time at school being around all those humans I would rather stay in my own home.


The night went on, as I sat in bed wondering if I should leave or stay! There was a new boy in school today, his fresh sweet lingering scent still shook me straight threw my core. I wanted to kill him and drink from him, even though my parents would disapprove, I wanted his blood more than anything in my world.


It was Tuesday the weather was cold, rainy, and windy all of which I was used to. The beginning of school went the same way it normally did boring and time wasting. But then my world turned upside down when I went to sixth period Art. I walked through the door and started to my seat when I noticed 'him' sitting right beside me. I stiffened my body up but it was to late the sweet aroma of Christian Jamerson caught my attention.


I was fighting my fangs back the best I could but there was no luck. I ran out of the door into the hallway looking for the next student I could find. There little Missy Johnson was standing at her locker sobbing. So I ran fast and I could snatched her up and took her into the wood. Missy did not know what had happened until we was already far into the woods.


Her heart was racing, she screamed in terror asking the whole time “What is going on? Who are you? Where are you taking me'? Her talking had begun to annoy me, I figured the location we was at would be good enough for the kill. I carefully sat her to the ground. That is when she noticed who I was . 'Circe what are you doing' She paused while the tears where still running down her soft tan sweet smelling skin. 'What are you'? She asked with a tremor in her voice.


'Since your going to die, I do not see the point of not telling you' I said. 'I am a vampire and your my lunch'. While caressing my fangs across my lips. She bellowed out 'Someone help me please, anyone'. I laughed as if I was taunting her 'No one can hear you all the way up here'. I moved bent down, hovering over her body her smell was taking my mind of Christians for the moment at least.


She was fighting me the whole time, but it did no good I was so much stronger and faster than she was. I smelled her sweet luring scent one last time before I devoured her sweet blood. I tilted her neck to the side as I licked her neck she quivered underneath me. As I put my fangs on her neck she jerked back as far as she could.


I sunk my teeth into her neck, she shrieked in misery as I slowly drained her dry. Missy was still rustling underneath me until the screams and movement stopped. Then I came to my senses, I threw myself back into the old oak tree behind me. 'God what have I done'? I asked myself. I fought the monster back, then ran home. I had not even bothered to go back and get my car, I had to get away from there as soon as I could.


As I got home I didn't even bother to stop and went upstairs to my bedroom and locked myself in my own room- my prison. Uma- my mother noticed that I was home early and knew by the way I flew in what I had done. She came carefully to my door and knocked. With anger in my voice I screamed 'Go away I do not want to talk'. With a deep sadness in her tone she said 'OK dear if you need anything I'll be down stairs'.



Two hours later I jumped out of my window and headed deep into the woods. I stayed out here for several hours trying to go through my mind playing todays events over and over. 'I can not take this Christian will never love a monster like me'. Then I heard something move in the leaves ten yards away. I jumped 'Who's there'? I inhaled deep to see if I could tell who was there. It was the sweet aroma I have stayed away from for so long.


I jumped down from the tree and as soon as I turned to bolt, it was Christian 'Wait I need to talk to you'! I shouted 'Stay there, don't come any closer'! But he did not listen before I knew it he was right next to me. 'I know what you are' when I turned towards him I showed my fangs while snarling 'Then you should be very afraid of me then'. When I looked closer his eyes were filled with despair and agony.


Christian took my hand 'Please I came to you because I need a favor' I read his mind, then I found that his parents were killed and he wanted me to take his life. 'No I will not kill you Christian, I can't'. He was filled with anger 'You can't kill me, but you can kill Missy who was innocent and did nothing to you'! I growled with anger 'I can't I will not kill someone I like'.


With determination in his voice he said 'Fine you leave me no other way, I will make you one way or another'. I tried to read his mind but nothing, he took a knife out and cut his arm. Blood was pouring all over the ground, his scent was so strong I couldn't fight it before I could even think I was hovering over him my fangs sinked into his neck.


'Thank you' was the last thing he said. When I realized that he was gone. I lost control my emotions were filled with anger, sorrow, hatred towards myself I knew I had to stop myself from this ever happening again I ripped a chunk out of the oak tree I knew my family could hear my thoughts and what I was saying 'I'm sorry I can not do this, I am a monster and I need to kill it. I killed Christian and Missy I love you'.


As I thrust the long piece of wood into my heart I could see my family coming towards me screaming 'No don't to it' but it was too late, I had already punctured my heart. Everything was colder than it had ever been.


The monster within was finally destroyed.




© 2009 Cj love

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Added on September 7, 2009
Last Updated on September 8, 2009


Cj love
Cj love

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