Tips for a safe shopping

Tips for a safe shopping

A Story by Clarwin Schwinn

We go out for shopping with our family, workmates, and friends. Sometimes, we treat ourselves for a great lunch, a dinner, or even a snack.

We oftentimes do this when we just recently got our salary from work and we have to give ourselves a well-deserved break.

When people are already inside the pool, they started to get confused on what's the first thing to do inside, on where to go first, and on what item to purchase prior anything else. Sometimes, they go to the wrong boutique where they don't really intend to go. For example, they wanted to buy a pentair pool products brand such as a safety pool cover, a pool filter, or any pool supply, they get puzzled on where to look for it, until they end up asking for assistance to the mall staff and personnels. There are also some, but very rare instances when the mall personnels would accidentally give the wrong direction, that instead of pointing out your desired brand, they will point out to something else.

Nevertheless, shopping will always be perfect if we abide with the following tips stated below:

1. Do your shopping during daylight hours. If you prefer to shop at night, make sure to have a friend or a family member who will go out with you. Better yet, it is still advisable to shop in the daytime because it has a greater possibility that you will have a safe shopping.

2. Wear your most comfortable clothes and foot wear. When you will go out for shopping, it is important that you are on most contented and relaxing outfit. Do not be overdressed, or else you will be the one who will get irritated after all.

3. Avoid from wearing expensive jewelries. You can never tell what kind of people whom you will be meeting with. You cannot even tell what is their intent. You are the only person who can prevent yourself from being harmed.

4. If possible, do not bring with you a hand carry of your purse or wallet. Those items are too attractive to the eyes. Bring a small bag and put them inside it. It is safer.

5. Stay alert to your surroundings. Be attentive and watchful to your surroundings. Always give an eye to your belongings.

6. Do not carry a large amount of cash. It is preferable to use a check or a credit card. Carrying a large amount of cash can be dangerous. It is sometimes the cause of temptations that lead to crime.

7. Do not overload yourself with packages. Make sure to provide yourself a clear site line. Carrying heavy loads can sometimes be an opportunity to those who have bad intentions. They will grab the opportunity as soon as they see you very busy with all the things that you have shopped.

8. Beware of strangers who will approach you for any reason. Any time of the year, there are a lot of con artist may try various methods to distract you until you lose your attention to your important belongings.

9. Keep a record of all your credit card numbers in a safe place at home. Don't be too careless of your sacred and personal matters. Credit cards, specifically, is a sensitive matter that should not be exposed to people.

10. Park your car in well-lighted space. Be sure to close the windows, car doors, and don't leave your valuables inside. Make it a point to have your keys in hand as soon as you get back to your car.

These are just some of the helpful tips that you have to bear in mind before you finally go out for shopping. These are all free and it is best to follow them to avoid any inconvenience.

© 2010 Clarwin Schwinn

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Added on August 25, 2010
Last Updated on September 8, 2010
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Clarwin Schwinn

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