Time After Time

Time After Time

A Story by CM Joshua

The one true constant...

There is only one constant in the universe, and that is time.
And while not all things experience death, even the immortal, most elderly of beings experience the flow of time.
It never truly stops, it always keeps moving forward.
Some say that eventually time will end, but it is a fallacy of mortal thought to think so.  Mortal life will eventually end in accordance with the flow of time, and the only reason a mortal would theorize that time will eventually come to an end is to try to make time more relatable to them, to humanize it, to try and find some sort of comfort in it.
Sometimes, the humanization aspect goes so far that leads great mortal figures to think that time is an enemy, that it is a conquerable element.
A hero sets out on a journey, the end goal to defeat time, the ultimate evil.
However, as the journey draws to a close, the mortal hero comes to the realization that time is a necessary evil.  The hero has grown, aged and become weak, all due to the seemingly viscous grasp of time.
But the hero has also gained wisdom.
They’ve come to realize that time can also be good.  Without time, they would not have gone on adventures, experienced friendship and hardship.  They would not get to experience death, something that is uniquely mortal.
Time can be cold and harsh, but it can also be a warm embrace.
Without time, nothing would grow, nothing would evolve, nothing would change.  Everything would stay the same.
And in coming to this realization, the hero smiles.  As time causes the last bits of life to flicker from their mortal body, the hero chooses to embrace one last time.

© 2023 CM Joshua

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Added on March 3, 2023
Last Updated on March 3, 2023
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CM Joshua
CM Joshua


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