The Child of Hades

The Child of Hades

A Story by Ivan Mauricio Urrego

Greek myth story I created.


The Child of Hades

Kronos wrath was spread all over the world. His wife Rhea had been plotting for a long time against him, unhappy because the several children he had given her were devoured by him, fearful of a prophecy that his own son would overthrow him just like he had done with his father, the sky. As each child appeared, Kronos grabbed the baby in a welter of tears and rage, cramming the newly issued bodies into his mouth, nearly choking, he swallowed them whole. He was unstoppable.
  Or so it seemed.  In her final Pregnancy, Rhea contrived to deliver her child unseen. When the time came for her youngest son to be eaten, she gave her son, Zeus, to mother earth and she hid him in a cave, as Kronos approached she emerged into the daylight cuddling the effigy to her breast and  instead she gave him a stone, wrapped in rags. As she expected, Kronos tore the bundle away from her and ingested it. This time his throat found it harder to slither it, something thicker, but he pay no heed and still gulped it down.

  The infant Zeus was raised and nurtured secretly by the nymphs and it was him when he came of age that carried off his mother’s will; He challenged his father for Kingship and he managed to make him throw up and freed his brothers.  They were to outmatch the titans. They were to be divine.
   Then once his siblings were freed they divided between themselves the three ordains of the world. First was Zeus who took the possessions of the immeasurable Heavens and all the clouds that gather there, thunder made his anger, and lightning bolts his weaponry. Second came Poseidon, who marshaled the stormy seas and easily raised to shake the earth with his sudden fits of pride, and last came Hades, who was allotted the Realm of the dead, he became lord of the land that is not land. Hades had no sooner entered the world than he had retired from it. He claimed his element down below, in the guts of the earth. Ringed by black waters that have no source nor end, and enveloped by the mists cold of night. A vast and murky kingdom reigned by darkness. It is the Underworld which is where, sooner or later; all souls must drop, like leaves.
  After the Age of man came, copulation between humans and the gods on earth began, and all the Gods had their children except Hades.
  So Hades was saddled with a curse, he had no progeny because it was said his offspring would surpass him in might and overthrow him and even worse, such a son would be the most awful face of death. Hades was not much like his brothers Zeus and Poseidon, he maintained none of their ever roving interest in pink thighed girls, but when he longed for pleasure it was in the hour of the tallest shadows he had to contend with mortal women, for Goddesses were forbidden to him, knowing he could do nothing to stop a goddess from having his son, except his wife Persephone who could not give him any children. He took it seriously, so every time he soothed his desire the mortal woman was slaughtered as to make no mistake like his father Kronos had done with Zeus and the father before him.
    Then Stories of the silver goddess spread with the winds in every direction. From the silent heavens to the seas of longing there was always talk of how beautiful the Goddess of the hoary hair was, even the dead carried the stories; they took it down below with them. They said that she had silver hair like the moon, and the gods rumored she was more beautiful than the Goddess of love and eroticism, Aphrodite herself. Hades traveled himself to confirm such a beauty and all he could do was admire her but not long for her, not desire her, for he knew the curse he had upon himself.
   One day the Gods of Olympus held a banquet and among them was the beautiful Aphrodite, as the Gods dined, Hades being imprudent let his tongue slipped and mentioned the beauty of the silver Goddess. But Aphrodite was an arrogant, resentful and selfish goddess, jealous of the Goddess’ beauty, insulted at such comment and knowing Hades curse, she sent her son, Eros, secretly as vengeance for such a public offense. Eros carried lead and gold arrows that were strong enough to weaken the will of even the mightiest of Gods; he carried off his mother’s resolve and made Hades desire the silver Goddess.
   In his dank allotment, on his dark throne Hades began coveting the Silver Goddess and he could not dispel the enhancement that had bewitched him. There he waited for the pale and spectral visitors from above, of which he had, after all a steady supply. And just sometimes he began to wander upwards, traveling far, to survey the radiance that the goddess scattered among the lands. Then he would go back to his gloomy realm and he tottered below and brooded. For days he lurked in his Underworld, and waited for his weakness to pass. On the contrary it settled more deeply upon him: a torment stoked by Aphrodite. There was nothing he could do but rise again to the upper air and catch her sight once more. Hades whose judgment for mortals allows no appeal was struck fair and true by Eros, then one day eventually his lust overpowered his reason, the prophecy mentioned a son , not a daughter, and he deemed the prophecy of a son superior to his might a hoax, since when was it written he would have no Daughters?  That day he gave up to his desire.
   Beyond high mountains and deep oceans, on the other side of the world lived the Silver Goddess, since the reign of titans, no god neither man had resisted her beauty. To her bed were beckoned the fiercest warriors and the greatest gods, and she received Hades like a wicked maiden, with her long silver hair spread over the sheets like white mantles on a cradle.  She had been waiting patiently holding a long sword and the cold caress of steel mirrored on her face. The jewels, stuck all over her body shone like stars on her oiled skin and the swarm of lust reflected in her sapphire eyes.
   The God Hades dazzled by her disquieting beauty let himself be flooded by the goddess icy look reflected on the blade of the sword, he seemed invaded by a feeling of privilege before her splendor, a majesty that rivaled the brilliancy of the sun and losing his fear he approached her. The cold steel fell to the floor and with it her fine robe itself. After many mortal women he had bedded this was he thought, the true embodiment of beauty, and all the rumors for once were true. With the same hand she had brandished the sword, she caressed the God’s body, then Death and beauty merged together and they drowned themselves in their unrelenting lust.
   The battle was fierce outside and inside the bed,  after they had curled up pleasure between the sheets, he had offered all his passion to the whimsical goddess , he woke up as if he had been in a dream, he reasoned and the enhancement was gone like the wind. He put on his cuirass and he took his sword to fight to the death with his momentary lover.
  The Goddess’ prowess matched her radiant beauty, fierceness and war merged in her together with eroticism and fertility just like the same dual nature of Aphrodite. And so the silver Goddess did not succumb to the might of the dreadful Hades.
 …was it the Fates or just divine intervention from Zeus?

   No one can tell what it was, but no one can doubt the fear from that union and the horror that would come with the growth of such a child. Hades‘greatest terror had come to pass.

© 2010 Ivan Mauricio Urrego

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Added on January 13, 2010
Last Updated on January 13, 2010
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Ivan Mauricio Urrego
Ivan Mauricio Urrego

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