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If you are looking for FCRA Registration in your NGO, you can cantact us at [email protected] or 9988424211 and we will be happy to be part of your social work and support you to get FCRA Registration.


The world getting a smaller place, is no more a naïve idea. The whole idea of globalization has brought the economies of the countries much closer than we could have imagined. With the immense growth in the exchange of information, goods, and services among the nations, the corporate sector has also not remained untouched.

Companies and Charitable Organisations are also eligible to receive funds/contributions from foreign companies and sources.
The legislation governing such transactions is the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010.


Formulate regulations regarding the acceptance and usage of foreign contribution or foreign hospitality by individuals, associations, or companies.

Check and/or prohibit such acceptance and utilization of foreign hospitality or foreign contribution for activities that are detrimental to national interest and for matters incidental thereto.


In a nutshell, entities like:
Charitable Trusts
Section 8 Company, 

would be eligible to receive foreign contributions or donations from foreign sources only after their registration under Section 6(1) of FCRA, 2010.


The following organizations are eligible to obtain the FCRA Registration:

1. Organizations that seek foreign contributions for cultural, social, economic, educational, or religious programs. They may        obtain FCRA registration or also receive foreign contributions through the “prior permission” route. However, an FCRA applicant should preferably be a Trust or Society or a Section 8 Company.

2.The NPO/NGO/Trust or any such entity should have been in existence for a minimum of three years while applying for the FCRA Registration.

3.The entity should not have received any foreign contribution before that without the Government’s approval.

4.The entity making the registration application should have spent at least Rs.10,00,000/- over the last three years on its aims and objects, excluding administrative expenditure. The statements of Income & Expenditure, duly audited by Chartered Accountant, for last three years should also be attached as to vouch for the same.

Point to note- 

A newly registered entity may apply for FCRA Registration for receiving foreign contributions, provided that-

the contribution is sought for a specific activity, for a specific purpose, and from a specific source;
and a request seeking the same has been made to the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Prior Permission (PP) method.


The following conditions are required to be checked before providing registration under the FCRA Regulations. The ‘entity’ or ‘person’ making an application for registration or grant of prior permission must:-

i. Not be fictitious or benami;

ii. Not been prosecuted or convicted for indulging in activities aimed at conversion from one religious faith to another; through inducement or force,

iii. Not been prosecuted or convicted for creating communal tension or disharmony in any part of the country- specified district or any other region whatsoever;

iv. Not been found guilty of diversion or inappropriate usage of its funds;

v. Not be engaged or intends to engage itself in the propagation of sedition or support violent methods to achieve its objectives;

vi. Not use the foreign contribution for personal gains or divert it for unwanted purposes;

vii. Not violate or been in any sort of violation of any of the provisions of this Act;

viii. Not been prohibited from accepting foreign contribution;

ix. The person being an individual, then he/she has neither been convicted under any law nor any prosecution for any offense is pending against him.

x. The person, if other than an individual, then none of its directors or office bearers has neither been convicted under any law for the time being in force nor any prosecution for any offense is pending against him/her.

The acceptance of foreign contribution-

i. Should not cause any incitement of an offence;

ii. Should also not endanger the life or physical safety of any person.
The acceptance of foreign contribution should not prejudicially affect the�"

i. Sovereignty and integrity of India;

ii. Security, scientific, strategic, or economic interest of the State;

iii. Public interest;

iv. Freedom or fairness of election to any Legislature;

v. Friendly relations with any foreign State;

vi. Harmony between various communities or caste or regional groups.


The application for FCRA registration is made in Form FC-3. 

The following documents are required to be attached while making the application:

i. Self-certified copy of registration certificate/Trust deed etc., of the applicant entity

ii. Self-certified copy of the part of Memorandum of Association/ Article of Association citing the objectives of the association.

iii. Details of activities during the last three years as Activity Report;

iv. Copies of relevant audited statement of accounts for the last three financial years with complete details of the expenditure incurred on aims and objects of the association and on administrative expenditure;


The procedure for online FCRA registration is explained here.

1.Visit the FCRA online portal. www.fcraonline.nic.in/Home/index.aspx

2.Click on ‘FCRA online forms’ to register in FCRA.

3.Select application for FCRA registration link. The link will redirect you to the next page.

4.Click on the ‘Click to apply online’ button to apply for FC3 (Registration). Signing up for FCRA Account

5.The applicant is firstly required to sign up for FCRA. For that, select the sign-up option. 

6.Fill in the mandatory details and save them by clicking on ‘save’.

7.Once you click on save a message will be shown on the screen. Thereafter, you would be provided with the credentials that you would use for logging on to the FCRA Portal. 

Login to FCRA

8. Login into the portal using this User ID and password.

9. Then, click on Apply online.

10. Then, Proceed for New Registration’

11. Click on FC3 Menu in the title bar for proceedings step-by-step registration.

Details of Association

12. Select Association Details from the menu. Enter all below-mentioned mandatory details in the form that displays. You will be required to fill in details like registration number, DARPAN id, etc.

13. Click on submit button to save data.

Executive Committee Details

14. Now fill out the Executive Committee Form by clicking on the Executive Committee option from the menu bar.

15. Enter all details relating to Executive Committee and then click on the ‘save’ button.

Bank Details

16. The applicant must then fill in all the Bank details such as Bank Name, IFSC code, Account Number, Address of the bank.

17. Click on ‘Other Details’ option from the menu to provide all other information.

Upload documents

18. Then, upload all relevant documents in PDF format.

Final Submission

19. Click on final submission from the menu bar and click on OK.

Note: Details once entered in the application cannot be modified.

Online payment

20. Click on the Make Online Payment and continue to complete the payment with your desired payment method.


The FCRA registration is valid for five years. For renewal of FCRA registration, an application can be made 6 months before the date of expiry, to keep the registration valid further.

If you are looking for FCRA Registration in your NGO, you can cantact us at [email protected] or 9988424211 and we will be happy to be part of your social work and support you to get FCRA Registration.

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