Dragon Child

Dragon Child

A Story by Kittybell

This story is about a girl who has special dragon abilities. She runs away from home to figure out the problem with the local dragons who rule the lands when she finds a young black Dragon. She raises the dragonet as her own. Will they solve the local Dra


Dragon Child

Written by Samantha Salvatici

                Deep in the land of Gaila where the great Dragons rule, a war begins to brew at the tip of mount Gaia. The great whit Dragons who rule these snowy mountains have clashed with the greens from the Doren Woods below. We mortals could never guess how or why they fight till I, Elaine, a young girl from a small village in the Doren Woods, discovered an extraordinary gift within myself that has not been seen in over three thousand years. The Dragons Gift. This gift gives its host the ability of all dragons. The Dragon’s sight, sense of smell, breathe (this ability differs from each Dragon) and wings. Each host who is bestowed with this gift receives on gift of their own depending on their personality.

                There are a total of five Dragon species. Black, the most powerful of the species, has the ability to instantly kill anything. Green, the Dragon of nature and spring, has the ability to grow any form of plant and breathes a venomous vapor when threatened. White, the dragon of cold and winter, has the ability to freeze water and has the breathe of blizzards. Blue, controls and creates storms and breathes and controls water, also known as the summer Dragon. Bronze, the autumn Dragon, has the ability to rot and disintegrate anything.

                There is a prophecy that claims a Dragon Gifted child with her ability of control (can control anything and anyone with a single command) will take control of the Dragons and save Gaila from disaster. The disaster has never been described, so the people have been left with no clue of how to prepare and desperate for their savior. But the prophet failed to mention the other half of the prophecy. If that child with the Dragon Gift denies the prophecy, and refuses to take responsibility, than all of Gaila will be destroyed.

                No pressure right? Wrong, especially when you are trying to hide every physical characteristic of the gift. This Dragon Gift can be a real bother. Everyone wants to see your wings, your Dragon abilities, EVERYTHING! The worse part about my lovely problems is that I am the daughter of the man who runs the village. This small village in Doren Woods called Tia. My father is a kind man who tries to help anyone he can. My mother was a Dragon scholar and spent most of her time with the Green Dragons until she died two years ago from a contagious disease only caught when around a dragon, called Dragonitis. Silly name. I was never allowed to see her when she was in bed so I don’t know anything about the disease.

                One day I decided to run away from my village. With my Dragon Gift I would be able to survive in the woods far longer than any other human. Come to find out I was right, but with every village I stopped at there was a poster with my name, face, and reward for my gentle capture. The first time I saw the poster I stopped at the nearest store to buy a cloak, I had a few coins from my father’s money purse. With a new cloak I was able to hide much easier and purchase supplies without any troubles.

                A few days into my journey, when I was hunting a small deer, I found a small dragonet curled under a willow tree. Dragonets are very rare to find without a mother close by. This little dragonet was barley the size of a fledgling learning to fly. I approached the little one very cautiously, hoping against hope that the mother had abandoned it. When I was just a few steps away, the little one looked at me with the eyes I have ever seen. I took one step closer and the little one got up and trotted up to me to nudge my leg as if he knew I would not hurt him and that I was a friend. I knelt down to the dragonet and gently patted it on its head, realizing for the first time that it was a Black dragonet. I was surprised to find a Black so far from the Creamer lands where they live. On a split second decision I chose to take the dragonet as my own and raise it for me to ride, if I ever get tired of course.

                After a week with Koren, my Black Dragon, he was large enough to ride. He was a lovely blue-black color, large spikes running the length of his spine and brow with a small gap between his shoulder blades barley large enough for me to sit comfortably in.

                “My, how much you have grown Koren. Soon you will be able to return to your kin and roam freely.” I crooned to him, rubbing his head.

                Koren snorted, as if he didn’t want to leave my side.

                “You do not belong with humans Koren. You belong with your-” A large crash stopped me from finishing my sentence. Koren and I both looked toward the sky when a shadow covered the sun. To my astonishment, a Green was retreating from a White far larger than he.

                “Koren, fly. We must follow them. Our chance to find out the problem with the Greens and Whites has come.” I flung off my cape and took to the sky, my rainbow wings shimmering in the rays of the sun.

                It has been almost a year since I had runaway looking for the Greens who ruled these woods. I needed to talk to them, try to understand why they fought with the Whites when they were far smaller.

                Within five minutes Koren and I caught up to the White and rose above it, trying to make it land. The White was having none of that; it lashed its tail skimming my legs causing me to yelp in pain. Koren was enraged from a simple and small injury that he went after the while himself, ignoring my screams for him to stop. I reached out to him with my mind, using my gift and forcing him to stop and back to my side.

                “Stay with me” I told him. “We can take the White down to the ground.”

                I reached out to the White with as much power as I could, I did not know how to use my gift too well form lack of practice. The White fought with my control, thrashing its tail in every direction. Eventually the Dragon started to lower its height, obeying my control with complete submission.

                “Answer me this great White, why fight the Greens when they do not enter your snowy domain or steal your food?” I attempted to ask, realizing after I had asked that dragons do not speak like humans do.

                 The Greens you speak of have broken their treaty. They have stolen land from the Bronze in the southern desert. A high feminine voice sounded in my head. The voice surprised me so much that I lost my control on the White. With the gap in my control the White flew into Koren, putting him off balance. 

                “Wait, what treaty?!” I screamed after the retreating white. 

                The White stopped and turned towards me that back at the Green as if it was trying to decide whether to go after the Green or talk to me. It obviously made up its mind, because it was flying back towards me and Koren.

                That same feminine voice sounded in my head. Long ago the five Dragon raced formed a treaty. In this treaty it is stated that no Dragon may enter another’s territory without reason and permission. The treaty also states that no land must be taken by another Dragon race.

                “But how do you know that the Greens have taken land from the Bronze? You live in the snowy Gaia Mountains.” I questioned. I flew higher in the air to hover in from of the Whites head.

                Dragons aren’t isolated creature Elaine. Dragons can talk to their species from across the world if they wish to. This voice was not the feminine voice I was expecting. This voice was a young masculine voice.

                “How?” A one word question is all I could come up with.

                The same way we are talking to you, child. You are Dragon Gifted. You are basically a half blood. Half Dragon, half human. A Dragon has the choice as the age of a hundred to either stay as a Dragon of become human. One of your parents must have been a Dragon in human form.

                “So if I am getting this right, only humans who have a Dragon parent can have the Dragon Gift? But that’s not possible. My father is the chief of the village and my mother was a Dragon scholar.” After I said the last part about my mother it hit me. “There is no such thing as a Dragon scholar is there?”

                Who would tell you that lie? No one is brave enough to come to a dragon even if their life depended on it.  The Feminine voice said.

                “So now that we have that lovely problem out of the way,” I was shaking badly from the news shock I had received, making me nervous. “How can the Green take land if Dragon treaties bind the makers?

                Oh I know, I know! I could obviously tell whose voice was whose by now. Koren was so excited to know something that I didn’t. A Dragon in human form can break a treaty made by the original Dragons, thus, allowing their race to do what they please that the treaty prohibited. I could hear the excitement coursing through him into his words.

                You have a smart Dragon, child. How and where did you find him?  The White paused.  Never mind. That is not the problem here. What race was your mother? You should at least be able to figure that out.

                “My mother spent most of her time out of the village with the Green in Doren Woods. If she spent most of her time with the Greens I presume that she was a Green herself.”

                YOU ARE THE TRAITORS CHILD! She growled, showing her surprisingly white teeth. YOU MOTHER WAS THE GREEN THAT BETRAYED THE TREATY AND STOLE LAND!

                “Peace Dragon! My mother may have been a traitor but I am not. I stopped calling her mine when she left me alone in these woods.”

                You were that child? You were the poor child left alone so close to my mountain?

                “My mother abandoned me at the edge of these woods with no food or supplies. I eventually found my way back to the village with some help.” I started to drift back down to the forest ground below.

                I beg for your forgiveness. She sounded so sad when she spoke. I will leave. The Greens will not stop with the Bronze if they can.

                The White started to turn, ever so slowly, towards the mountains. Her back hunched and her head sagged.

                “Wait.” I spoke so softly I could hardly hear myself. “I wish to help. My mother started this war and I will finish it.”

                You’re not going to leave me behind are you? Koren nudged my back. Blacks are not welcome in any territory except their own.

                You may enter my territory but go no further than my snow. Whites don’t take kindly to any other race than their own.

                “I suppose you are an exception.” We started to fly towards the western side of the mountains.

                They say I am young and foolish, but I have always liked humans and Blacks. They are very kind those Black. Their power just makes them scary. The White said sadly.  Seeing as how I am going to have company, my name is Lina. May I know yours?

                “I am Elaine.”
                And I’m Koren!

                Well Koren and Elaine, welcome to my home. We had reached the top of the mountain within five minutes. Now to discuss how we are going to deal with the Greens.

                “We would talk to them of course, how else?” It was so obvious, how could she not see?

                We have tried many times. We have tried talking, gifts, duels, everything.

                “Have you forgotten on detail? My gift is control. I can at least force them to listen if not do.”

                That may work Lina. Why not let us try. With my presence they will submit more easily. Koren said excitedly.

                Lina sighed, or at least something close to it. They live at the edge of the woods towards the desert. Don’t worry about finding them. Once you enter their grounds they will find you.

                With those last words from Lina, Koren and I departed, heading for the edge of Doren Woods.

                “Koren, why, do you think, Blacks are so feared among the other Dragons?” We were near the edge of the woods and I was getting bored.

                You know the answer better than I do. I spent my life with a human.

                “Yea, but you should still know. I mean, I know why they are feared, but they can control what they do.”

                Who dares enter our domain?! A loud, deep voice vibrated around us.

                “Great Greens of the Doren Woods, we just come to talk, nothing more!” I yelled back, not knowing how far they may be.

                Ground where you fly, speak where you shall stand. We are not far and will bring harm if we are threatened. The voice warned.

                We obeyed their rules obediently. We landed in a clearing just below where we flew. I waited hesitantly to be sure they would listen.

                You may speak Dragon Child. We will listen.

                “We wish to know why you run from the White of the Gaia Mountains.”

                They claim we have stolen land and broken the old treaty. We are honest Dragons, not oath breakers!

                “This treaty claims that you are not to steal land from the other Dragon races, is this correct?”

                That is correct. We stole no such land. The land they claim we stole was given to us as a gift. One of our powerful Dragons has fallen in “love” with the young Bronze leader. To get out consent they gave us a small portion of land where we can grow greenery.

                So no land was stole. Why have you not told this to the Whites who claim they must enforce the treaty and break it themselves? Koren asked, speaking for the first time in this conversation.

                They do not wish to hear our tale. The leaders of those mountains wish to destroy our race and take our lands. The lesser just obey and do not understand.

                THAT IS NOT TRUE! YOU BROKE THE TREATY! The Great White, Lina, emerged from the trees, her teeth bared. YOU STOLE THE LAND FROM THE BRONZE FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT! IT WAS NO GIFT!

                We would never break a treaty that was made long ago young White. A quit female voice responded calmly. Your leaders do not wish young ones like you to know the truth. Youth and knowledge is a dangerous weapon they seem to think.

                Cora! The deep voice exclaimed, surprised.

                Calm down father. Let me explain to the young one. Cora said calmly.

                Cora went through her tale of her love with Furin, the young Bronze, and the gift they presented.

                So I have been lied to this whole time? Lina more stated than asked. Elaine and Koren, may I join you to stop this madness with the Greens and Whites?

                “You are more than welcome Lina.”

                Koren, Lina, and I said our goodbyes and apologized and left for the Gaia Mountains once again, to settle the problem with the leaders of the Whites.

                After a short journey we finally reached the top of the mountains, where the leaders waited.

                Who have you brought to our sacred home young Lina? You know this is not a place for stranger, especially a Black.

                I held my hand up to Lina, signaling her not to talk. “My name is Elaine, your greatness. I have come here with Koren, my companion, to discuss the matter with you and the Greens. My people in the town of Tia in the center of Doren Woods are suffering horribly from this war you fight.

                We have nothing to discuss with a Dragon Gifted. A half breed has no right to come to us on the matters of war. A large White, on the left of the leader spat. His words were dark with his insult.

                “I realize I am a half breed in your eyes,” I said darkly. “But that does not mean you are any better! You are breaking the treaty that your ancestors have made long ago, claiming that the greens have done wrong and not you. You are risking your young ones lives to get what you so desperately want when you are far more powerful and skilled! These Greens were given the land that you claim was stolen! You see this, two different races falling in love, and claim treason to all Dragons. If you say I have no right to discuss this with you than you have just as much right as I to claim treason.”

                The Dragon leaders were speechless, staring at me with astonishment.

                After several minutes have passed, the female on the right of the leader finally spoke. This Dragon Child is right. We have no right to call treason just because we don’t like what their young ones have done.

                We will stop our attack. The leader stated, and left for the sky, the other two close behind.

                “Well I guess that is over with.” I turned sharply to face Koren and Lina. “Shall we go find some food? I am starved.”

                Without waiting for a response I took to the sky, with Koren and Lina close behind.

© 2008 Kittybell

Author's Note

Critique however you want. I am open to suggestions.

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