'65 Buick Blue...With You

'65 Buick Blue...With You

A Poem by Creole Masala

Flashback to New Orleans and Love...







    '65 Buick Blue...Melody with You...

I wanna spread my
wings reach out every
finger touch the keys
softly entwine your
pleasure in my flow
of "Summertime"...sublime
smokey and blue warm
like the seat of a
65 buick blue and
soooo slow I wanna
take you with me
down by the lake lay
upon a blanket feed
you watermellon run my
chords of jazz and
bronze heritage through
your nostrils can
you smell my notes
of patchouli and musk
I wanna take you by the
slow swirl of the
Mississippi it's current
and undercurrent
like the words of this
melodious foreplay I
wanna take you home
with me feed you my
Gumbo Zabb all the pot
liquor sopping up with my
vanilla sweet cornbread
as I drift into your
veins my Charlie Parker
tempo my fingers playing a
restless Oscar Peterson tune against
the ivory gold coast
'chile rest your head
I wanna spread my
essence of coolness
against your hot sizzling
desire can you tell
I want you I wanna soothe
every question you ever
asked make it more like
you already know caught
moth to my glow I wanna
bring deep from within
my throat a Lena Horne
slam I wanna let you
feel my saxaphone vibrate
off your snare warm buick
blue peel some crawfish
and lay back Brotha
with you within my " Summertime"
sublime grandeur coconut
milk sweet jasmine love
scents gardenia sandlewood
slow ceiling fan so
compositional in my
graceful positional flow
with you I wanna be
with you keep it warm
tempered fingers play this
chord for you so hot is
the humidity in my Soul
your eyes lure me into
this melody so deep
play baby accompany me
while I tell you
what I wanna do
with you...listen as my passion
plays this tune blowin
like the last one of
the gig...ya dig ?
I wanna take you home
to my melodious song...

(*an original by MASALA*)

© 2008 Creole Masala

Author's Note

Creole Masala
Was written to the Jazz tune " Summertime "

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Great flow of images, jazzing up the heartfelt desire

Posted 14 Years Ago

This has great sentiment to me...Most of my poetry does...Freestyle...

Posted 16 Years Ago

I can hear the music when i read it. I like is a lot. It makes me want to go there right now. Good work!!

Posted 16 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on April 3, 2008


Creole Masala
Creole Masala

New Orleans baby !, LA

A Mommy...writer...painter...love music music music... Passion is the dish I stir savored food for the Soul... Creole Gumbo with extreme Masala... more..