Dear Self,

Dear Self,

A Poem by C_theSurrealist

A letter to myself; a letter to humanity

To my dearest self,
You are now wiser and cleverer than I was since my naivete concealed my adroitness.
Your eyes are recently wide open to censored things which broke me when I was blindfolded.
Your lips and tongue are unzipped mercilessly; however, speak out the best criticism as long as it is sharply true. Unleash bravely the awful reality and do not shield anyone because I missed opportunities when I was silent.
Your ears are broadly spread to hear the jocund of laughter and caterwaul of grief, even the serene winds and loud splash of waves. Be a listener of someone's stories cause I wasn't heard out by anyone when I uttered the untold story.
Your miles of skin is currently being touched by scarred and blissful experiences. Although it is full of abrasions of the past, it will heal soon. It will be covered by the stronger layers of skin than I had before when I was afraid of wounds.
Your hands can still do anything until now. Sometimes, you handle a pen, a pencil, a gadget, and many more. Moreover, the hands I have since then already created masterpieces. I think that is beautiful.
Your wholeheartedly kind heart isn't whole now. Half-stone, half-gold; the neglected love and frustrations devastated my pure heart. Nonetheless, happiness and fondness fix it whatsoever, but you need to be vigilant cause someone can eventually engrave your heart into a stone. 
Your soul is clean until it is polluted by hatreds. Some demons inside my head seldom prevailed yet most angels won. Keep away your soul from abysmal sins and just stay in your triumphant realm, the good deeds.
Your mind is the most brilliant thing within you. Be smart and still humble. Do not let your knowledge be a sword to rule people. 
Your feet are upon the ground. Good self, be solely down to earth; thus, let your feet step on the peak of your desired ground. 
You changed a lot, self. 
I am YOU five years ago.
I am so proud of you because you surpassed everything.
I hope you will reach your dreams sooner...
Sincerely Yours.

© 2019 C_theSurrealist

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Added on June 6, 2019
Last Updated on June 6, 2019
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