Jacob Malicker is dead

Jacob Malicker is dead

A Story by crowcapital

Jacob is dead. He's on the floor as if catching butterflies.


"Jacob Malicker is dead! He's dead I'm telling you... DEAD!"

Those were the exact words of my friend who was the first on the spot. He was just standing above the still body of Jacob. Not a tear nor a sign of anger. Just... just standing. Looking down on him as if waiting for him to move.

"What happened?" I asked.

"He's just... dead. Just..."

I couldn't force my self to look at Jacob. The memory of him being happy and full of life was the only thing I wanted to remember. Not the sight of him lying on the grown in rigor mortis.

"What now?" He asked. "What shall we do now?"

I heard the questions, but pretended not to take any notice of them doe to the fact I didn't have any answer that would even slightly uplift the currant situation. Not a slightest idea or thought which would be of any use.

"Do you think we should move him?" My fiend asked.

"I don't know. I don't even know if we should call anyone."

To my recollection Jacob didn't have any family apart from us. Maybe a couple relatives living up state but none in particular.

His parents got rid of him because he was from more than seven siblings and they couldn't feed that many mouths. We took care of him since he was like five months old.

We never tried to call or contact his parents or siblings on his behalf, because we thought that if he would like to talk to them he would like to arrange it himself.

It's a shame that a life just vanishes from this world and the closest relatives won't even know about it.

"I don't think we can call anyone." I sad. "There is no one apart from us who knew he was even alive."

"That's right." He sad. "But we must do something... don't we?"

"I guess so." I replayed.

"We have to call a doctor or something." He continued. "A doctor or a priest."

"Isn't that a little to late now that he's dead?" I asked.

"Are you being clever?" My friend replayed with a slightly irritated voice.

"No!" I sad. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Well what did you mean by it?"

"I just thought we should do something with the body. You know... bury him or something." I sad and for the first time took a look at Jacobs body.

"Oh God... look at him." A moan came from the depth of my soul. "Look at him lying here just as if he's abut to wake up any moment."

Jacob was lying on the carpet. A pink fluffy carpet with the pictures of butterflies sown onto it. His face was without   expression.

"Oh no...." I started to sob. "Look at him!


I can't understand why?"

"Calm down!" My friend turned to me. "Calm down I'm telling you."

"I can't." I sobbed ." I knew I shouldn't take a look.

I knew it!"

Jacob was on the ground and his arms and legs were slightly stretched. It looked as if he's chasing the butterflies.



no no!"

I muttered.

Jacob was still a child. He wasn't even four years old. He was just a baby! His whole life in front of him.

"Try to breath." Sad my friend while putting his arm around my shoulders. "Try to breath... slow. Just slowly."

"But why did he? Why wa...?"

"I know. Try to focus on your breathing now. There is nothing now that you or anyone can do." He continued.

"As a tragedy as it is we must carry on. Jacob will be with us. He won't leave us. He will be here forever." He sad as I buried my face in his shoulder.

"But I want him here now."

"He is here... he wont leave." He replied with a surtan unease in his voice.

"He was just a child. He was just a small child...." I moaned.

I slowly descended to my knees and put my head on the pink fluffy carpet on witch Jacob lied. He was lying there just as if catching butterflies.

His eyes were opened and they gazed at me. I was hoping for a blink, a slight movement of his belly to indicate his breath. I just couldn't believe.... I didn't want to believe what really happened.

"He is here with us..." my friend sad with a soft voice." He is here and I know he will be forever."

In that moment I pressed my face onto the chest of Jacob.

"I know you won't let us go. "I sad.

" I know you will be here... I know you will look after us Jacob. I know... I know..."

As hard as it may seem. In an event like this, in an exact moment such as this it's had to believe that the friend of family member lying before you will somehow return. Will somehow stay. But as time passes by you get to understand, that memories are immortal. Feelings are everlasting and Jacob is still here. He will look onto us from above on a pink carpet just as if catching butterflies.

Jacob Malicker.

Age 4 years old.

Cause of death: heart complication

Buried at: Taxiedermied on a pink background placed on the mantle peace.

Bread: Syrian Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)

© 2018 crowcapital

Author's Note

Thanks for all of your reviews and suggestions regarding the story. Sorry for my grammar.

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Added on August 19, 2018
Last Updated on August 19, 2018
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