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A Poem by cry

"for the one I really like... the first time I found someone so attractive in my sight..."

Slow down boy,
please don't go now
please don't just disappear
without talking me out here

you're the first person who made me feel like this,
you're the first one who made me fall and fall to pieces
I know I'm not your type of girl
and I don't have the right to ask for a little care

my heart beats slowly
as I've read your texts on my phone
somethings cutting me so deeply
Is this how it feels to be in loved alone?

I've been caught by cupids arrow
yet he never caught you
and I don't know who to follow,
simply because my mind also say's I love you.

but you are going too far from me now
and I am the first person you informed it about
I don't know why but I got so heavy
and I always thought of you with my eyes teary

Why it have to be this way?
you never ever felt same way
and last night I cried
because you have said goodbye

it's not your fault
you're not numb.
you just don't like me at all
and I am just dumb

I'm in love with a person who doesn't give a damn
I'm such and idiot for being that
but I can't help it, this is the way I am
and this is the way I feel though it hurts so bad.

today, I'm too in love that I always thought of you
but me and you? All about us we're just a dream never come true
today, it became a shattered picture in my head
that thing I'm afraid of will still happening and it hurts so bad, I've been happy for this pass days now sad.

you are saying goodbye
I don't know why
you don't like it here anymore
and the pains cutting me more and more...

three years of sadness
a month of happiness
waterfalls of tears
now lessen my fears

but you are saying goodbye
you will say goodbye
and I let time pass by
talking with you I never try

I hope I could turn back time
I'll talk to you over time
even if my parents will scold me
you just make me feel happy

yes! I smile, I laugh,
yet it doesn't mean I'm tough
and it never meant I'm happy enough
just with you it's enough

but every time I see you
I don't get the chance to be with you
you've got your own agenda
and I'm not a part of your agenda

Is this how it feels to be in love with a person who doesn't care?!
Is this really what they called it love? This is so unfair!
oh well, life's unfair too
maybe that's why love do do

one day, you'll be gone
and I'll be missing you a lot
for me, I don't wanted it to be gone
but I know, you wouldn't look back

I couldn't please you to stay don't go
because I know you'll never do
nor asking to take me with you
but babyboy, I'm gonna miss you!

© 2013 cry

Author's Note

the grammar, the spelling...etc
for me to identify my mistakes...

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Added on January 13, 2013
Last Updated on January 13, 2013



general santos city, region 12, Philippines

I'm Ana... I write... to... express how a feel and what I feel... and even what I see or heard about certain things... I write... because I can always take a look back at it... I write... when.. more..

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