The Flu

The Flu

A Story by crystal

Nile Monroe is fighting for survival against the infected . She has lost everyone she ever loved , even her faith . While running low on supplies to keep her alive Nile must go on a hunt for a new haven. Along her exploring for a new haven she hears a broadcast from a abandon police walkie-talkie that HRS ( Human Research & Science ) has send help and vaccines down in delaware. Along her way to delaware Nile meets Noah a cocky , brave handsome young man. While Nile and Noah go on their journey to delaware they arrive across a shocking surprise upon HRS.
Chapter one: The beginning

It was a day like no other when the world turn upside down. No one knows why or how it began. It began with this virus, it got people sick and then turning them into crazy flesh eating monsters. I know what your thinking you get bit and in three seconds your one of them, it doesn’t work that way. If you get bitten or even if a drop of their blood goes in your eyes you would surely catch the virus. It would at least take a week or so to show the symptoms, which are constant vomiting, very weak , not being able to walk or see very well, lost of hair, talking rubbish , blood shoot eyes and last but not least a blasting fever that kills you. We call this the flu and we call them the infected. The thing got us going was the fact that you really don’t die ! They have this craving for flesh and blood. When they see a surviver, you better sure run. The infected are very fast runners.The only way to kill the infected it a bullet through the heart and the brains.

I lost everything. The people i love the most are gone. Died right in front of my eyes, i didn’t have the guts to kill them cause at that time no one knew how to. People tried to protect themselves, but at the end they failed and gave up. Many people committed suicide. They couldn’t take the agony or the fact that one day the infected will find them and die that horrible way. Who wants to live a life of hide and kill ?

Chapter Two : Flashback

I woke up from hunger. I had been without food for two days so far. I sat up on the mattress thinking what to do about running low on food. I was also running low on ammo and other stuff. I took out my town map out my backpack and check if i miss any local stores , and i haven’t . The only solution is to find a new haven and catch up on my supplies. The water still works the only problem is… it’s cold. Bummer right ? I packed up the things i really needed.

The sun finish rising into the sky, I looked through the window to see if there was any infected in sight. There hasn’t been an infected around here in months.I loaded my gun i only had five bullets left , that only gave me to kill two infected leaving on bullet left. I have to use them wisely. I opened the door and inhaled. I was living my parents house for good. I’m gonna leave the good and bad memories behind. Especially the bad ones. Then thats when the flashback came bolting to my head .

There were police every where , and in every house. I sat down terrified in the living room sofa trying to ignore my mothers screaming. What were they doing to her , for crying out loud she just sick ! " Leave her alone ! " I ran up the stairs towards her bedroom. The cops running after me. I wish i never ran up there . The cops were trying to fight her off . There was screams every where, thats when dad came in and held her back for as long as he could. Thats when she calm down and made eye contact with me . Her eyes were so red , she didn’t even look like my mother. "Get her out of here ! " Dad yelled. He blocked mom from walking towards me. " My… sweet …nile " she said . Tears ran down my cheek. Thats when horror struck. She took a big chunk out of dads neck. " MOVE MOVE MOVE " hernandez yelled pushing me down the stairs. Everything happen in a second.

Chapter three: Noise 

I hop on my bike and head on my way. I ride down the hill , looking for the turnpike. When i get on i come to a quick stop. There were abandon cars everywhere! " Great " i out haled. There could be infected everywhere here. All of a sudden i start to cry. So many people died right here , and may be wondering around looking for a meal. I just notice the other intersection was completely empty. That made sense everyone was leaving town not coming back in. It at least took me an hour to get salem , that name just gave me shivers down my spin.

A pharmacy came in sight. I got off my bike my calfs burning , been riding that thing for an hour! I lean it against the wall and take out my gun. I look around for any infected none in sigh so far. I ran in to the store , stood in silence to see f i hear any of them in here. Nothing, i quickly look for the things i needed. I grab at least the last five water bottles and candy bars. That when i heard this noise, like a T.V without a signal. It was pretty loud. I had to find it and turn it off the infected would hear it and come rushing in. It was coming from behind the counter. My heart almost came out my throat , there was a dead body just laying there. The noise was coming from a walkie-talkie i guess he was a cop on duty.I snatched the walkie from his rotten hand.

“Hello , is anyone there? ". I looked out the window to see if any infected arrived.I pressed the button , it was broken. My heart sank. " If… anyone.. could hear this…" i couldn’t hardly hear. " Delaware…HRS…". I turned it off. thats all i needed to hear. Delaware here i come. 

© 2011 crystal

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Well done! I like the progression of this story. It kept me interested.

Posted 10 Years Ago

please visit this website for more chapters & if you love writing this would be the perfect website for you ! and thank you soooo much for taking your time and reading my story !!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago


Posted 10 Years Ago

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newark, NJ

my name is crystal i am 18 years old and i love to read and write its a passion to me , I'm also a gamer chick love playing my xbox ! haha I live in NJ , but i am puerto rican , im down to earth , hon.. more..

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A Story by crystal